my athleisure addiction

Do you guys remember that show ‘my strange addictions’? TBH that’s kind of how I feel about my obsession with athleisure clothes…like I could be on the show ‘my strange addictions’ for my addiction to ‘athleisure’ clothes. (Michael told me yesterday ‘you could basically open up your own Nike store with all of your Nikes’). I still haven’t decided yet if that was a compliment or not…but I think yes.

‘Athleisure’ is such a strange term, but basically it just makes it okay to wear comfortable workout clothes 24/7…whether you’re at the gym or not. I love it because first of all, workout clothes are super comfortable, and second of all…it’s what I feel my best in! So, in an attempt to try and NOT buy myself more ‘athleisure’ clothes right now (even though I definitely just ordered number 9 in the collage below! *insert heart eyes*)…I’ve rounded up tons of great options for you guys! And they’re all $100 or less!

lauren sims athleisureone. grey hoodie // two. solid baseball cap // three. high waist leggings // four. twist front tee // five. navy mesh leggings // six. adidas superstar sneakers // seven. washed baseball cap // eight. nike roshe sneakers // nine. nike air zoom sneakers // ten. cowl neck top // eleven. jogger sweatpants // twelve. crop hoodie // thirteen. nike cortez sneaker // fourteen. blue/grey crop leggings // fifteen. nike sweatshirt

Hopefully this roundup of all these athleisure gets you motivated for any fitness new years resolutions you may have made! Another great thing about athleisure clothes is it really does just encourage a more active lifestyle. When I’m already wearing leggings, an athletic tee, and super comfy/awesome sneakers…I’m way more likely to randomly take Beau for a walk in the middle of the day than if I were in pj pants (or I guess blue jeans would be the more normal alternative). Or it makes it that much easier to head to the gym for a quick workout session if you’re already dressed for it!

In OTHER news! Make sure you guys check the blog first thing tomorrow (Friday) morning for a SUPER exciting announcement! I’ve been dying to share this news with y’all for a while…and tomorrow is finally the day! 🙂

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