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lauren sims outdoor voicesWe’ve officially been living in Colorado now for 5 whole days and absolutely loving every part of it! One of my favorite parts about living in Boulder (if not my absolute favorite thing) is how easy it is to live an active lifestyle here. You can bike almost anywhere you need to go, there are gorgeous hiking trails around every turn, and since it’s so beautiful here…it makes you just want to be outside.

lauren sims outdoor voices lauren sims outdoor voicesY’all know how much I love working out or being at the gym. I think working out is super important and great for your overall health and well-being. Even moreso than working out though, I think choosing to live an active lifestyle is KEY. Whether you live in Colorado, Dallas, or anywhere else…living an active lifestyle requires only one thing: making a conscience choice to do it.

Choose to park further away at the grocery store so you have to walk more. Choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Choose to go on a walk around your neighborhood when you get home from work, instead of busting out the chips. Choose to be active.

lauren sims outdoor voices lauren sims outdoor voicesIf you’ve been following me for a while, you know how obsessed I am with Outdoor Voices. First thing’s first: their apparel is just straight up adorable. I especially love their color blocked tights and adorable crop tops. I also love that when I’m wearing Outdoor Voices, I feel motivated to get out and start doing things, or choose to be active – whether that’s go for a run, or take Beau for a walk.

lauren sims outdoor voices lauren sims outdoor voicesAnother thing I love about Outdoor Voices is that their fitness clothes are great for literally any activity. I’ve worn these leggings for yoga, hiking, running, and straight up lounging haha. I also love that these fitness clothes are super flattering on ANY body type! Honestly one of my favorite fitness brands I’ve ever owned – and one I grab time and time again when I’m getting dressed for the day or heading out for a run.

lauren sims outdoor voicesOutfit details: Slash back crop top | Dipped leggings | Grey hoodie | Aviator sunglasses | Watch

So, if working out really intimidates you or if you’ve just gotten out of the routine…I want to encourage you to choose to be active this weekend! Call a girlfriend and go for a walk or take your dog a lake nearby! Choosing an active lifestyle will seriously do wonders both for your body and your mind! And if you need a little jump start…try treating yourself to some Outdoor Voices – it definitely helps!

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4 Comments on choosing an active lifestyle

  1. Torey Beerman
    February 10, 2017 at 8:29 pm (4 months ago)

    This was such an amazing post Lauren! I LOVE living an active lifestyle here in Santa Barbara, CA so seeing your active lifestyle in Boulder is so exciting 🙂 keep up the amazing work! Can’t wait to get my first pair of Outdoor Voices!!

  2. Jennifer
    February 12, 2017 at 4:23 pm (4 months ago)

    Very inspirational! I totally agree that living an active lifestyle is one of the key points to being healthy. I really like your workout wear. 🙂


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