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july 4th outfits

lauren sims july 4th outfit ideas

Alright, is anyone else slightly freaking out the July 4th is less than two weeks away?! I kind of feel like once July 4th is here, we blink and it’s already Christmas LOL (but really). Regardless though, July 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays because nothing says summer like watermelon and sunshine and and boat rides with family and friends.Since blue and white is such a huge trend this summer, you should have no problem shopping for july 4th outfits!...

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lemon dress + creating quality time with your spouse

lauren sims lemon dress

As I was editing the photos for this adorable lemon dress, it reminded me of being back in Punta Cana with Michael (and definitely made me want to go back!). But it also got me thinking about our time together on the amazing trips we’ve gotten to take.Our trips together probably look different than most couple’s trips together because we spend at least a few hours a day working or shooting looks for the blog....

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favorite sandals under $100

lauren sims summer sandals under $100

I don’t know about you guys but buying sandals is a MAJOR weakness of mine. I legit live in sandals all summer long and they can totally change the look of an outfit. You could wear the same shorts and a tee so many different ways depending on what sandals you pair with the look! You could wear the same sundress super casual and beachy, or dress it up for a date night with two different pair of sandals....

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pink lace dress + thoughts on staying present

lauren sims pink lace dress

As y’all know, Michael and I moved to Boulder about 5 months ago now (see my full post about that here). We are absolutely loving it and it’s been such a fun adventure for us! The quality of life in Boulder with being outdoors all the time has been a blast and we still can’t get over being able to see the mountains everyday....

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easy vacation outfit ideas under $100

lauren sims vacation outfit ideas

One of my favorite parts about summer is travel and vacations. Michael and I have been super lucky the past few months and gotten to take so many fun trips together! I love traveling for SO many reasons. One super fun part about vacations for me though is getting to shop for the outfits!

I love putting together different tropical looks or summer outfits depending on where we’re going....

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summer wishlist

lauren sims summer wishlist

Okay y’all, I don’t know about you but there have been SO many things lately I’ve wanted to buy for either vacations or life or summer events! Like HELLO this little white dress?! So perfect for summer date nights, vacations…or any future bride! So, today I wanted to share a few things with y’all that are currently on my wishlist (or recent summer purchases I’ve made and LOVE)....

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the magic of owning a real bra

lauren sims thirdlove bra review

I don’t know about you, but I feel like one of my first official steps into adulting was buying a real bra. A bra that actually fits well, looks pretty (both underneath and without clothes) and makes me feel my best in.Did you know that the majority of women are wearing the incorrect size bra? It can be pretty confusing if you’ve never been measured or don’t know what the numbers mean....

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the importance of rest + unwinding

lauren sims pink ruffle romper

So today I want to talk about the importance of rest and unwinding. But, before I get there, I have a little backstory to tell you! [I didn’t ask permission from Michael to tell this story LOL. So if you’re reading this babe…i love you :)]. ANYWAY. For those of you who don’t know Michael, he is an extremely hard worker....

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festival wear + summer nights

Temperatures have been rising in Boulder lately and it’s 100% gotten me in the mood for summer. All things watermelon, bright colors, sunshine, and rosé! I’m personally not attending any festivals this season, but wanted to round up some of my favorite festival wear for those of you who are…or just some outfits that are perfect for these fun summer days!...

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battling social anxiety

lauren sims social anxiety

A few weeks ago on snapchat, I talked about going to an event I REALLY didn’t want to go to. Don’t get me wrong – the brand was adorable and I knew the event would be a blast (cocktails, cupcakes, free stuff)…but being the introvert that I am, the social anxiety started creeping in. “I won’t know anyone, I’m going to have to talk to so many people I don’t know....

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