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tips to help you enjoy running

lauren sims tips to help you enjoy running

One question I get asked more than almost any other is in regards to running. Favorite running shoes (I’ve done a post on that here), tips for speed/distance (see my post on that here), half marathon training tips (did a post on that here), etc. Today though I want to share a few simple tips for those of you who just don’t enjoy running, but are trying to get into it....

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tips to staying motivated with fitness

lauren sims tips to stay motivated

Happy Friday! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that fitness is super important to me and a big part of my life. I try and work out 5-6 days a week, for a lot of reasons. I genuinely enjoy working out and being active makes me feel so much better about myself, relieves stress, helps me sleep better, and is obviously just great for your overall health and wellness....

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baby blue sweater + 10 day cleanse

lauren sims baby blue sweater

I bought this baby blue sweater in the tan version last fall and seriously lived in it. It was my go to for every wedding shower, date night, or dinner with the parents! So when I saw that it came in a light blue, I snagged it without a second thought.

I love how soft this sweater is, but also super lightweight....

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choosing an active lifestyle

lauren sims outdoor voices

We’ve officially been living in Colorado now for 5 whole days and absolutely loving every part of it! One of my favorite parts about living in Boulder (if not my absolute favorite thing) is how easy it is to live an active lifestyle here. You can bike almost anywhere you need to go, there are gorgeous hiking trails around every turn, and since it’s so beautiful here…it makes you just want to be outside....

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current workout routine // updated

lauren sims workout routine

Photos by: Angie Garcia Photo

Happy Friday y’all! I’d gotten a few request from you guys via snapchat/instagram to share my workout routine. I did a post a while back (here) sharing my workout routine, but it’s changed alot over the last few months so I thought I’d update y’all!

Previously, my workout routine was 99% cardio with a yoga class or random weight day thrown in there....

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my regular advocare products

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my athleisure addiction

lauren sims athleisure

Do you guys remember that show ‘my strange addictions’? TBH that’s kind of how I feel about my obsession with athleisure clothes…like I could be on the show ‘my strange addictions’ for my addiction to ‘athleisure’ clothes. (Michael told me yesterday ‘you could basically open up your own Nike store with all of your Nikes’). I still haven’t decided yet if that was a compliment or not…but I think yes....

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my running playlist + training for speed

lauren sims running playlist

Happy 2017! I am so excited about today’s post because it’s probably one of the things y’all have requested the most from me, and it’s just taken forever to get around to it. Today I’m finally sharing my running playlist with y’all!

I figured the best way to do it would be to just create a playlist on Spotify, because that’s what I use and I figured most of y’all do too....


keys to managing stress + gifting lulu

lauren sims lululemon

The holidays are a crazy time for all of us. Between buying gifts, traveling, hosting, cooking, family, wrapping gifts, and holiday parties, it seems like every night is booked and there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Even though Christmas is a crazy busy time of year, it’s also my favorite time of year....

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transitioning athletic wear to fall

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