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lemon dress + creating quality time with your spouse

lauren sims lemon dress

As I was editing the photos for this adorable lemon dress, it reminded me of being back in Punta Cana with Michael (and definitely made me want to go back!). But it also got me thinking about our time together on the amazing trips we’ve gotten to take.Our trips together probably look different than most couple’s trips together because we spend at least a few hours a day working or shooting looks for the blog....

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pink lace dress + thoughts on staying present

lauren sims pink lace dress

As y’all know, Michael and I moved to Boulder about 5 months ago now (see my full post about that here). We are absolutely loving it and it’s been such a fun adventure for us! The quality of life in Boulder with being outdoors all the time has been a blast and we still can’t get over being able to see the mountains everyday....

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the importance of rest + unwinding

lauren sims pink ruffle romper

So today I want to talk about the importance of rest and unwinding. But, before I get there, I have a little backstory to tell you! [I didn’t ask permission from Michael to tell this story LOL. So if you’re reading this babe…i love you :)]. ANYWAY. For those of you who don’t know Michael, he is an extremely hard worker....

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vitafusion + fruit tree project

lauren sims vitafusion gummy vitamins

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know I am a HUGE fan of vitafusion gummy vitamins. I strongly dislike swallowing pills, and prior to finding these gummies, could never consistently take a vitamin. Now I look FORWARD to taking my everyday energy gummies everyday or my beauty sleep at night!...

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battling social anxiety

lauren sims social anxiety

A few weeks ago on snapchat, I talked about going to an event I REALLY didn’t want to go to. Don’t get me wrong – the brand was adorable and I knew the event would be a blast (cocktails, cupcakes, free stuff)…but being the introvert that I am, the social anxiety started creeping in. “I won’t know anyone, I’m going to have to talk to so many people I don’t know....

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home office reveal

lauren sims home office

Happy fri-YAY! I’m so excited slash really nervous to reveal my home office to y’all today! TBH, revealing any kind of home interiors on here stresses me out. I don’t feel like interior decorating is necessarily a strength of mine, and I know I have A LOT of room to grow (slash, one day I’d really like to hire someone to help me lol #goals)....

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summer book recommendations

lauren sims book recommendations

hey y’all! I’ve posted about a few books recently on snapchat (laurenkay2) and instagram stories that I’m loving…and a few of y’all have messaged me asking for the titles again. so, today i thought i’d share a recap of some of my summer book recommendations!

for fiction books, i’ve recently read big little lies by liane moriarty, as well as what alice forgot (by the same author)....

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OTS romper + my ‘instagram husband’

lauren sims blue off the shoulder romper

We’ve all seen the video a million times, and I think people have sent me the video at least TEN million times! You know the one: instagram husband. And yes, I will proudly say, I have the BEST instagram husband (who takes all of the photos you see on here)!Several of you have asked me about who takes my pictures or if Michael already knew about photography pre-blog....

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bedroom reading nook

lauren sims bedroom reading nook

Ever since Michael and I got married and started to decorate/furnish our master bedroom, I’ve dreamed about having a reading nook in our room. But, we kind of had a limited space to do that, both in our house in Dallas, and now in our house in Boulder.

My whole life I’ve always been a morning person....

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rose gold wedding band / the ultimate anniversary gift

lauren sims rose gold wedding band

Mine and Michael’s 3 year wedding anniversary was March 28th (read our anniversary post here!), and I definitely got the greatest 3 year anniversary gift a girl could ever ask for: this rose gold wedding band from Simon G. Jewelry. If you’re either about to get married, or wanting to add to your wedding stack…I wanted to give you the low down on this gorgeous band, how we picked it out, and why we chose Simon G.When Michael and I first got engaged…I thought about getting a rose gold wedding band to go with the gorgeous engagement ring he gave me. ...

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