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march 28, 2014 // 3 year anniversary

lauren sims wedding

3 years ago today, Michael and I said ‘I do’ to each other! I can’t believe it, because these past 3 years have absolutely FLOWN by! In 3 years, we’ve bought a house, traveled to Italy (and so many other places), seen 4 of my other siblings get married, became an aunt and uncle to our adorable nieces and nephews, moved to Colorado, and so much more....


twirling into 27

lauren sims free people floral maxi dress

One of my earliest memories as a child was something very simple, yet the one of my happiest memories: twirling. I always LOVED when my mom would come home from errands or shopping with a new dress for me. I remember putting on this one yellow dress in particular and just twirling and twirling, without a care in the world....

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The power of us: meet my big sister

lauren sims the power of us

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to my big sister Jill! If you follow me on social media, you probably recognize her because she just got married a little over a month ago! Jill is not only my sister, but my best friend, and who I go to for advice on nearly everything. One thing I know I can ALWAYS go to her for is anything related to health and fitness!Even though Jill and I don’t live in the same city anymore (insert sad emoji), we are always sharing new healthy recipes with each other or bouncing ideas off each other for new workouts!...

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3 Comments app explained!

lauren sims app

Good morning everyone! I am SO excited to announce to y’all today the new app you can now download in the app store! If you follow me on instagram, you’re probably already familiar with It allows you to shop the outfits I post on instagram from your inbox, if you “like” the photo. The new app makes shopping my outfits SO much easier – and not only from instagram!...

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tips to staying motivated with fitness

lauren sims tips to stay motivated

Happy Friday! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that fitness is super important to me and a big part of my life. I try and work out 5-6 days a week, for a lot of reasons. I genuinely enjoy working out and being active makes me feel so much better about myself, relieves stress, helps me sleep better, and is obviously just great for your overall health and wellness....

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baseball tee + #1 blogging advice

lauren sims madewell baseball tee

One of my favorite parts about blogging is getting to interact with you guys – I love when y’all message me on snapchat or send emails…either giving me feedback about the blog, asking for advice with your relationship with Christ, or questions about an outfit. I LOVE hearing from you guys, because it reminds me that there are actual HUMANS on the other side of this computer screen – reading my posts or responding to my snaps!...

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peplum top and celebrating love

lauren sims peplum top

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! In honor of Feb 14 I wanted to share this pink peplum top with y’all (comes in additional colors here). I have a major weakness for a good peplum top and I love how easy and casual this one is! It’s a fun and easy way to dress up your jeans and a tee look....

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choosing an active lifestyle

lauren sims outdoor voices

We’ve officially been living in Colorado now for 5 whole days and absolutely loving every part of it! One of my favorite parts about living in Boulder (if not my absolute favorite thing) is how easy it is to live an active lifestyle here. You can bike almost anywhere you need to go, there are gorgeous hiking trails around every turn, and since it’s so beautiful here…it makes you just want to be outside....

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lace-up sweater / finding peace

lauren sims lace up sweater

I don’t know about you but I am CRAZY about the lace-up trend that’s been going on for a while now (and I think it’s here to stay)! I love it because a lace-up top and be super feminine or formal, but you could also make it more sporty like I did here by pairing this lace-up sweater with adidas sneakers!...

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current workout routine // updated

lauren sims workout routine

Photos by: Angie Garcia Photo

Happy Friday y’all! I’d gotten a few request from you guys via snapchat/instagram to share my workout routine. I did a post a while back (here) sharing my workout routine, but it’s changed alot over the last few months so I thought I’d update y’all!

Previously, my workout routine was 99% cardio with a yoga class or random weight day thrown in there....

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