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lauren kay sims best restaurants in dallas

shop the look: With our move just around the corner (see my post about it here!) I decided to do a weekly series called ‘best of dallas‘ where I share what I think are the best restaurants in Dallas, favorite hair salon, places to get your nails done, etc. So, today is my “Best of Dallas // Food” post, where I’m sharing what I think are the best restaurants in Dallas (aka the ones I will miss the most when we move to CO!)


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valentine’s day gift ideas for her

valentine's day gift ideas for her

I don’t know about you but I feel like every year after Christmas, Valentine’s Day seems to get here in the blink of an eye…and I LOVE it! I absolutely love Valentine’s Day – and not only because I have a very sweet husband to celebrate with…but all throughout February there are hearts and pink and chocolate around every corner....


my regular advocare products

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sneaker girl all day everyday

lauren sims nike juvenate

Happy Friday y’all! I’m so excited for this post today for two reasons: 1) to introduce y’all to HOW CUTE downtown Boulder is, where these photos were shot! 2) to talk about how obsessed I am with wearing these nike juvenate sneakers anywhere and everywhere I go.

We shot this look in downtown Boulder when we were there last week searching for a house!...


chic statement accessories under $100

lauren sims lace-up sandals

I don’t know about you, but this look just gets me excited for warmer temperatures! (Even though we’re moving to CO and it probably won’t get cold for another few months lol). Regardless though – all of these accessories I’m sharing with y’all today are pretty much seasonless, meaning you can wear them pretty much no matter what the weather is!...


sweater + mules for all seasons

lauren sims blush pink sweater

I’m not sure about where you live, but our weather in Dallas lately has been SO bi-polar! Yesterday it was beautiful, sunny and 70 degrees. But this weekend it was cold, dreary and in the 40s. With weather like this, I LOVE sweaters that you can wear season to season, like this blush pink sweater I’m sharing with y’all today!...

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MLK weekend sales!

lauren sims mlk weekend sales

Happy Monday y’all! First of all…I wanted to thank all of you so much for all of your encouraging and sweet comments about my big announcement from Friday’s post! Honestly having y’alls support and encouragement means the world to me! For those of you who follow along either on the blog and/or instagram…not much will really change on here!...

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goodbye Dallas, hellloooo…

lauren sims boulder, colorado


Today is the day that I’m finally sharing my big announcement with you guys. Michael and I are moving to Boulder, Colorado here in just a few weeks! *insert all of the mixed emojis here!*

I’m sure this announcement seems totally random for the majority of you, so I’ll share some of the back story of how we got here....

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my athleisure addiction

lauren sims athleisure

Do you guys remember that show ‘my strange addictions’? TBH that’s kind of how I feel about my obsession with athleisure clothes…like I could be on the show ‘my strange addictions’ for my addiction to ‘athleisure’ clothes. (Michael told me yesterday ‘you could basically open up your own Nike store with all of your Nikes’). I still haven’t decided yet if that was a compliment or not…but I think yes....

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winter favorites

lauren sims free people sweater

So I don’t know about you…but at this point in winter, my “BUY ALL THE WINTER AND WARM THINGS!” craze has kind of slowed down. When cold weather first hits I go crazy for all the blanket scarves and coats and warm sweaters. At this point in winter though, I’ve noticed I’m starting to just repeat some of my favorite winter items…and this free people sweater is definitely one of them....

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