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Beauty 8 years ago

beauty essentials


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Every girl has her own beauty essentials, or routine, or must-haves. My beauty essentials might vary here and there, but this group of 9 products are my core essentials, that I pretty much never stray away from. Here’s some details and reasons why I love each one:

my beauty essentials

  1. Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation. I am a long-time huge fan of Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer, but occasionally, I wanted a foundation with a little more coverage for a more “flawless finish”. I still use my tinted moisturizer daily, but I now use the Smooth Finish Foundation for date nights, photoshoots, or really anything beyond just grocery store and errands. It goes on super light like the tinted moisturizer, but provides such amazing coverage at the same time.
  2. Beauty blender. I might be behind the times on the beauty blender, because I just added it to my routine about a month ago. I’m all about efficiency when it comes to makeup and don’t like adding things to my routine that take a ton of time. The beauty blender might take an extra 5 seconds (compared to using your fingers), but it makes a world of a difference in regards to coverage! I put my foundation on my face, and then blend the foundation in with a damp beauty blender. It seriously makes your face look 100x smoother!
  3. Laura Mercier foundation primer. I added primer to my makeup routine a few years ago and it is a total game changer. This specific primer makes your foundation go on so much smoother, and helps your foundation last so much longer (like, all day!). This primer also gives you a subtle glow which I love.
  4. Laura Mercier Matte Finish Bronzer. If I ever leave the house without bronzer on, I feel completely naked. Bronzer’s can be tricky because some of them have way too much sparkle, and some of them look super fake. I love this bronzer because it has a subtle shimmer, and gives a really nice bronzed look without being too fake/orange.
  5. Laura Mercier stickgloss. I have this stickgloss in 3 different colors and plan on buying 10 more! I’m not a huge fan of lipstick on a daily basis because of how it feels, and the look is a little intense for me. This “stickgloss” gives you the color of a lipstick (shows up more than just a gloss), but goes on really light and glossy so your lips don’t dry out. It’s the best of both worlds.
  6. Laura Mercier under-eye concealer. Blame it on insomnia or genetics, but I’ve always struggled with dark circles under my eyes. This is my go to concealer because it has amazing coverage and stays on forever
  7. T3 Whirl Trio. I get so many questions about what I curl my hair with, and this curling wand is my secret weapon! This set comes with 3 different barrels so you can change up your curls. On a daily basis I use the 1 1/2″ barrel, and occasionally will switch out for the other ones. This whirl trio isn’t cheap, but I promise, you will not be disappointed. My curls last all day with this thing, and the quality of the materials is amazing.
  8. Oribe dry texture spray. Sometimes I wonder how I lived my life without this spray. I use it for dry shampoo on days when I don’t wash my hair, or for hairspray everytime I curl my hair. It gives your hair that piece-y textured look and lots of volume, without making it feel stale. It will be your new best friend.
  9. Oribe gold lust masque. I’ve talked about this masque before here, but it continues to be in my beauty essentials category. Hair masques are so crucial if you’re regularly coloring, curling, straightening, or blow drying your hair. I use this one once a week and it’s helped keep my hair so healthy and strong, and I love how my hair feels everytime I use it! I usually put it on in the shower after I shampoo my hair, wait anywhere from 10-30mins, and then rinse.


xo Lauren

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