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FAQ | Most Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!


How tall are you?

Do you have any recommendations for things to do in Boulder/Denver?
For sure! You can read about my favorite things to do here, here, and here.

What are your favorite Bible studies or devotionals?
You can read my bible studies blog post for my most recent recommendations!

Which Nespresso machine do you have?
You can read all about mine here!



What are your favorite makeup products?
There are truly so many! I link a lot in the ‘beauty favorites’ page under the shop dropdown in my blog menu bar, but I also did a whole blog post with my current makeup routine here.

Do you use a self-tanner?
Yes! Check out my best self-tanner blog post to hear all about my favorite self-tanner and how I use it.

What curling iron and hair products do you use?
My hair must-haves blog post answers that!

Can you do a hair tutorial?
Yes! I will be posting a tutorial on the blog soon, but for now you can watch the tutorials on my Instagram highlights, directly under my bio.

What collagen do you take and what are the benefits?
My benefits of collagen blog post talks all about that and should answer any collagen-related questions you have. Seriously can’t recommend it enough!



 How can I shop your outfits?
There are a few ways! The easiest way is to download the app and ‘follow’ me in there. You can also always shop all my looks on the ‘shop my instagram’ page of the blog.



What are your favorite running shoes?
I’ve shared all of my favorite sneakers by category – running, cross-training, and athleisure – in this blog post.

Do you have any tips for someone trying to get into running?
For sure! This blog post shares all my advice for getting started and staying motivated. You can also read this post for advice on setting fitness goals.



Do you have any tips for new bloggers?
Yes! I actually wrote a full blog post about that here.

What camera/lens do you shoot with and how do you edit your photos?
We shoot with a canon 5d mark iii with an 85mm lens. most of my IG photos are taken with an iPhone X. I edit my photos in lightroom for the blog and in VSCO cam instagram. More on that in this blog post!


When are you due?
Baby girl is due November 10th!

What was your first trimester like? Did you have any bad morning sickness or fatigue?
I did a whole blog post about my first trimester experience and talked all about symptoms, anxiety, and how we found out we were pregnant!

What prenatal vitamins do you take?
I HATE swallowing pills, so I’ve been taking these gummies. They aren’t delicious by any means, but for me they’re better than swallowing pills.

Have you been able to work out during pregnancy? What’s your workout routine looked like?
I talk more about my workout routine in this bumpdate blog post. I’ve also loved the Expecting and Empowered workout program and you can read my full review of that as well.

How has pregnancy affected your eating? Any major cravings?
The cravings are REAL! I talk more about that (and my overall prego diet) in this blog post.

What are your favorite maternity jeans? 
I’ve only bought a few pairs of maternity jeans, but they’ve been able to work well through my pregnancy. My favorite maternity jeans are linked in my 28 week bumpdate blog post.

What skincare products have you stopped using since finding out you were pregnant? 
In my skincare routine blog post, I share which products I’ve cut out from my routine since we learned we were expecting. As always, I recommend checking with your doctor about everything!

What pregnancy pillow do you use/recommend?
oh GIRL. I can’t recommend this pillow enough. Pretty sure I’ll still want to sleep with it even after baby girl gets here haha It’s SO comfortable and a total gam changer!

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