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Fitness + Health 5 years ago

expecting and empowered: pregnancy workout review!



A few months ago (probably start of my second trimester) I shared a new pregnancy workout program I was starting on my IG stories, called Expecting and Empowered. It’s a comprehensive pregnancy fitness guide, with specific workouts to get you all the way through pregnancy! They break the workouts up by trimeter, and then by week…so you know exactly what to do for each week of pregnancy, with the proper and safe modifications your body needs.


Y’all have probably already heard me talk a ton about fitness during pregnancy. I was super active before getting pregnant and knew I’d want to continue that activity during pregnancy – both for my health, and the baby’s. There are countless studies behind the health benefits of staying active through pregnancy and my doctor has been super supportive of it as well. But, I was pretty clueless when we got pregnant as to what I should and shouldn’t be doing. So, this Expecting and Empowered fitness guide was a lifesaver for me! It gave me workouts that challenged me and strengthened me, but also gave me peace of mind that what I was doing was safe for my body and the baby’s!


There are so many things I love about this pregnancy workout program. First of all, there is very little equipment required, so you can do ALL of these workouts from home if you want to! I typically did mine at the gym just because I’m more motivated there haha but you can do them wherever. I also love that their workouts really emphasize pelvic floor health, and talk about the difference between core exercises and abdominal exercises. When you purchase their guides you’ll get a downloadable PDF with TONS of information like that, which is super helpful for your fitness journey during pregnancy.

The Expecting and Empowered fitness program gives you 3 workouts a week, and also recommends 2 days of cardio (so, going for a walk or a run or spin class, etc). All of their workouts are designed to take 30-45 minutes and they involve two different parts: flexibility and pelvic floor exercises, and resistance training. Remember that the flexibility and pelvic floor exercises are just as important as the lunges / resistance training! This is truly what sets their guide apart and will make an enormous difference in your pregnancy comfort, posture, health, and even labor outcomes!

Their workouts are SUPER easy to follow (do not mistake that for the workouts are super easy lol these will kick your butt), and I love that they break them up into upper body and lower body days, and then one ‘full circuit’ day. Their guides make the workouts easy to follow with step by step instructions / photos, but these workouts will BURN so good! With as much as we’ve been traveling over the last few months, I didn’t always get 3 E&E workouts in every single week, but having these guides has been such an amazing resource for me throughout pregnancy. I love that they give you different workouts throughout your entire pregnancy based on the trimester you’re in…so you never get bored from doing the same thing over and over.


So, if you are an expecting momma wanting to stay active through pregnancy but don’t know where to start…I cannot recommend Expecting & Empowered enough! I honestly think EVERY pregnant woman needs this fitness guide in her life – to stay healthy and active through pregnancy, prepare for labor, and set yourself up for the best/easiest post-partum recovery time that you can possibly have! If you’re interested in purchasing, you can get 10% off for the next 48hrs with code LAURENKAYSIMS.



On a separate note, you guys know how obsessed I am with Outdoor Voices – one of my all time favorite brands for fitness apparel (or loungewear / everyday life). They’re clothes are not only adorable but also super functional for whatever your go-to workout is: spinning, running, yoga, or walking your dog. And the price point is super reasonable. ANYWAY, they just launched an updated version of their TechSweat line – which is perfect for super sweaty workouts (and my personal favorite collection from them). The updated TechSweat legging features an updated waistband designed to stay put, hold your phone, and look great. These leggings breathe SO well, don’t show sweat, and give you the perfect amount of support.

I’m also obsessed with this sports bra because it zips in the front (can I get an amen?!). There’s nothing worse than having to take a sweaty sports bra off over your head! I love the zipper on this one and also how great it is for high impact workouts like running.

Outfit details: Zip front sports bra | Tech sweat legging | Tie tankNike Sneakers | Sunglasses

Thanks for reading friends! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


xo Lauren

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