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Fashion 3 years ago

fave sneakers by category including best running shoe!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get, (at least twice a day everyday) is sneaker-related – specifically, what my favorite running shoe is. Makes sense that I get this question all the time because sneakers are definitely a weakness of mine haha. I am borderline embarrassed to show you my sneaker collection!

Today, I want to share my favorite sneakers with you broken down into categories: my favorite running shoes, shoes for cross-training, and then everyday sneakers!

Click on any shoe in the collage below to shop my favorites!


So first I’ll talk about my favorite running shoes. I ran my marathon and several half marathons in the ASICS Gel Kayano. These shoes are amazing for long-distance running. They are supportive, durable, comfortable, and offer the perfect amount of stability. Now, every runner is different so I don’t think running shoes are just a ‘one size fits all’ type of thing! Personally, I am a neutral runner (so I don’t really pronate or supinate) and I don’t need a ton of support or correction with my stride. So, these are perfect for me. If you pronate or supinate though, definitely look into other ASICS styles. I have about 3 different styles of ASICS and love all of them.

I’m not typically a huge fan of running in Nikes to be honest. I’ve found a few that are okay, but for the most part, would always choose ASICS for running (especially when I’m running long distances). I think there are a lot of nikes that are great if you’re just running 1 or 2 miles a day. But IMO, most of them aren’t great if you’re going 5+ miles (or marathon training). HOWEVER! Last year I did finally find a pair of Nikes that I really enjoy running in! First of all…I love that these shoes are actually cute haha. Finding a good pair of running shoes, that are also cute at the same time is not an easy task!

I like these shoes a lot though because they are so lightweight, and they’re also really versatile. I’ve gone for 6 mile runs in them and my feet feel great, but I also wear them to take Beau for walks or do the stairmaster, or any other cross training workout. For running, they have a foot-stabilizing sole and the perfect amount of cushion. They do run a little small IMO though, so I’d suggest sizing up!



Okay, now let’s move onto some of my favorite everyday sneakers!


I won’t go into too much detail about these because there’s really not much to say haha other than all of these sneakers look adorable with leggings, they’re great for travel, and they are so comfortable/perfect for everyday life. These are the shoes I wear to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, taking Beau for a walk, getting on a plane…and just about everything in between. I’ve been on a major Adidas kick lately so you’ll see me wear lots of those, but there are a few Nikes below I love as well!



Adidas Flashback Sneakers



Nike Blazer Sneakers

Now for cross-training shoes, I have two main faves, and they’re both Nike! I love the Nike Free flyknit for my cross-training days (aka days I don’t run). They’re insanely lightweight, but still give the right amount of support. They’re also really breathable so you actually don’t even have to wear socks with them! I also love them because they’re adorable and look cute with gym or street clothes!


Nike Free Flyknit Sneakers



Nike TR8 Training Shoes

The Nike TR8 training shoes are my other favorite pair of shoes for cross-training. The great thing about these though is I definitely run in them as well. So, typically if we are traveling, these are the shoes I’ll bring because they work great for a 5 mile run, or for weight training / other cardio activities. They’re SO comfortable and I love how they fit (and look!)

So if you’re in the market for some new kicks…hopefully this breakdown helps you in making your decision! (Or, in my case decisions haha). What are some of your go-to sneakers in this category?! Always looking to try out new ones!

Thanks for reading friends. Have a great weekend!

xo Lauren

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