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Fashion 7 years ago

tips to help you enjoy running


One question I get asked more than almost any other is in regards to running. Favorite running shoes (I’ve done a post on that here), tips for speed/distance (see my post on that here), half marathon training tips (did a post on that here), etc. Today though I want to share a few simple tips for those of you who just don’t enjoy running, but are trying to get into it. First of all: I applaud you! That’s not an easy thing to do. Second of all: don’t worry! I’m going to share 5 simple tips to help you enjoy running, no matter where you’re at in your fitness journey.


Tip #1: Start off slow

If you’ve never really run before, or haven’t worked out in a while, your heart is not in the proper condition to go out and run 5 miles. That wouldn’t be good for your heart, your muscles, or your joints. If you’ve never been much of a runner but are trying to get in shape…start off slow. Walk out your front door (or get on the treadmill), and tell yourself you’re going to go 2 miles total. Give yourself the space and the freedom to walk as much of that as you need to. Maybe it means you run 5 minutes and walk 1 minute, all the way until 2 miles. That’s still a great way to be active, and you’re still getting the miles in! Start off slow and then build from there, once that 2 miles feels manageable, and you’re actually running the majority of it.


Tip #2: Get some good jams

I personally listen to all of my music on Spotify. I’ve actually created a running playlist that y’all can look up if you need some extra motivation! (My spotify username is laurenkaysims, and the playlist is just called ‘run’). But, make a good playlist on Spotify or find a Pandora radio station to get you pumped up. I know some people who don’t prefer to run with music, and honestly, hats off to you! I couldn’t do it. Having good jams makes running SO much easier for me. Sometimes I love old school hip hop, but sometimes on a beautiful day I love listening to worship music. It totally changes my running experience


3. Get a buddy

If you’re an extrovert or love being around people, having a running buddy will make it SO much more enjoyable for you. It’s a great time to have heart to heart conversations with your sister or a girlfriend and makes the run go by much quicker. I talked Michael into training for one of my half marathons with me, and it made the training so much easier to not have to do it alone. So, even if you are starting off slow…call your sister or a girlfriend and ask if she’d want to join you after work, one day a week. Then you’re getting girl time and a workout in all at the same time!


4. Get the right shoes

This makes ALL the difference in the world. My personal favorite running shoes are either ASICS or Newtons – I love them both. However, every runner is different, so, what works for me might not work for you. If you’re trying to get more into running, I cannot tell you how important it is to have the right shoes. It will prevent you from getting shin splits or other injuries, and just makes running more enjoyable when your feet are happy! I highly suggest going to Luke’s Locker or RunOn! and having one of their sales associates look at your feet/watch you run. They can tell you what type of running shoe you need!


5. Be consistent

I’ll be real with y’all. If you’ve never run in your life or haven’t worked out in months, your first few runs aren’t going to be fun. They will be worth it and you’ll feel amazing after it’s over, but the first few are TOUGH. The most important tip I can share with y’all to help you enjoy running, is be consistent with it. If your distance goal was 2 miles…try and make that happen 3 times a week. It might suck at first or hurt or you might hate it the first few weeks…but I promise if you are consistent with your running, it will start sucking less. It will start hurting less and you’ll find yourself breathing better and enjoying the run more. But, you can’t give up after two weeks of running! Stay consistent with it.


Outfit details: Muscle tank (also available here) | Black hooded wrap | High-waisted leggings | Tennis shoes | Water bottle | Sports bra | Sunglasses

I grew up in a family of runners, and for the longest time I was like the only kid that hated running. I had other ways to stay active but I never understood the draw to running. Eventually, I did some of the exact steps I shared with y’all above: I started off slow, I stayed consistent with it…and eventually grew to LOVE it. Honestly, I don’t think running is for everyone. I think there’s people out there who just don’t like it no matter how in shape they are, and that’s fine! BUT I honestly do believe that most people can grow to appreciate and even love running. Obviously, the exercise is so good for you physically. But it’s such a stress relief for me, and such a great opportunity to just be outdoors and unplug!

Let me know if there have been other helpful things or tips to help you enjoy running! Have a wonderful week!

xo Lauren

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