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Beauty 8 years ago

beauty sleep essentials

Happy Friday eve ya’ll! In case you didn’t know this about me already, I struggle with sleep. I have a very busy mind that doesn’t like to slow down, so when it’s time to get in bed…my brain just keeps racing with thoughts and ideas. So, in case any of you are like me and struggle with sleep, I wanted to share with ya’ll my nighttime routine / beauty sleep essentials!

First – routine is key for me. Every night I try and not be on my phone past 9:30 (I know, I should have an earlier deadline, but trying to be realistic here). Not only does the light from your phone inhibit melatonin production in your body, but it just makes my brain race even more. (A peek inside my brain: “Oh that’s a great idea for a blog post!” “I’m going to make this recipe tomorrow night!” “Shoot I didn’t pay my Nordstrom bill!”)

In 2016 I also made a New Year’s resolution to not sleep with my phone next to the bed, because I was consistently waking up at 2am to check it. I now plug it in in the bathroom and won’t let myself check it at night. That’s helped alot!




As simple as this might sound – a great pair of pajama’s is key in my nighttime routine! I love this “love letters” set from Eberjey. A really cute yet comfy/light pajama set makes me look forward to bedtime and get in a “sleepytime” mindset.

My biggest secret weapon though when it comes to a good night’s rest is Zzzquil.Its not for pain just for sleep . It’s non-habit forming so you don’t have to worry about getting addicted to it. You wake up feeling refreshed, And it helps you sleep soundly and wake refreshed ! Want to give it a try, get a coupon here!

Do any of ya’ll have trouble falling asleep? I’d love to know what’s helped you!

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xo Lauren

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