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Fashion 8 years ago

the scoop on NYFW

For those of you who follow me on instagram or snapchat (or really, any other blogger), you’ve probably figured out by now that New York Fashion Week started last week! Having grown up loving fashion, and then majoring in it in college, I’ve always been well aware of what and when Fashion Week was. But, this week I brought my little sister (who works in the medical field with children) to Fashion Week with me in New York, and it occurred to me that there’s probably a lot of you out there wondering what the heck Fashion Week actually is, and why all these bloggers are there. So in case you’re one of those people, today I want to inform y’all on what Fashion Week is, and why I personally go, and really enjoy going! (I can’t speak for all bloggers, so I’m sure every blogger has a different reason for going!)


White tank | Palazzo pants (also come in navy) | Grey clutch (can also be a crossbody bag) | Lace-up suede pumps | Pink earrings | Sunglasses

What is New York Fashion Week?

Fashion Week happens twice a year (in February and September), and it’s one week of fashion shows where designers are showcasing next season’s collection to buyers, magazine editors, bloggers, journalists, and any other press. So, this Fashion Week that I just attended we were seeing shows for Spring 2017 collections. (I know, crazy right?! We’re not even quite to Fall yet!)

It’s a time for buyers from department stores to see the new collections and help them start to make notes on what they like or don’t like, what they want to buy for next season, find any new designers they might want to add to their assortment, etc.

These shows also allow people in the fashion industry to know what will be trending for next season. For example, a lot of the runway shows I saw had lots of florals (not just floral prints, but really beautiful floral detailing/embroidery), beautiful draping, and I noticed a lot of pale and neutral colors. Trend watching is one of my favorite parts about going to the shows. It also helps buyers and magazine editors know what will be trending for next season, so they know what to buy, or what trend stories they can start planning for next season.

So, is New York Fashion Week just a bunch of fashion shows?

Part of the reason why Fashion Week is such a blast is because of all the parties, happy hours, and dinners that go on during this week. Brands/designers/PR companies know that buyers, editors, bloggers, and influencers from all over the world are coming to see these shows, so they throw as many parties and get togethers as possible as a way to connect with influencers, and get their name out there.


White shirt (similar here and here) | Distressed skinny jeans | Leather shoulder bag | Suede heels | Choker necklace | Lip stick (color is “bend and snap”)

Why do so many bloggers go to NYFW?

Like I said, I can’t speak for all bloggers, but wanted to share with y’all why I personally go to NYFW! There’s a few reasons:

  1. I genuinely love fashion, and love seeing the newest collections. I think going to the shows is so much fun, and am blown away by how beautiful so many of these collections are. The presentation they put on for these fashion shows is amazing to be a part of – from the model’s hair and make-up, to the music, to the clothes…it truly is a presentation of so many people’s deep passions, and a work of art!
  2. Faces to names. So much of my job is answering e-mails, or talking to brands in New York or California via phone about collaborations or upcoming campaigns. At NYFW it’s so nice to finally be able to meet these people that I’ve been talking to / working with in person! It’s also really helpful in this business to know someone’s face (and have them know your face), instead of just an email address.
  3. Networking with other bloggers. I’ll be honest with y’all. As a true introvert, networking is not one of my strong suits and I really have to work at it. But, every time I’m in environments with other bloggers – whether that be dinners or happy hours or something like NYFW…I feel so inspired. I get new ideas for content or learn how to do things more productively, or make new connections with brands through other bloggers who have worked with them. As a blogger, it’s obviously crucial that you stay true to your brand and not do what everyone else is doing. But it’s also so important to put yourself around people who are doing the same thing you’re doing (ie blogging for their career) to just bounce ideas off each other or get other people’s feedback! It’s so helpful. Networking with other bloggers also makes the job way more fun because you feel less alone! (I literally work from home by myself nearly all day everyday!)
  4. It’s a blast. Yes New York Fashion Week is so exhausting because you have so much on your calendar and not very much time and you’re walking everywhere in super crazy high heels (side note I think I got a stress fracture in my right foot from a little too much high-heel-walking!). But these past 4 days for me were legitimately 4 days of parties and fashion shows and getting your hair done and seeing friends and happy hours! AND like I said, I brought my sister, Katelyn, with me this year so for part of Fashion Week…we just got to enjoy NYC together!

Hope this answers some questions y’all might have had about New York Fashion Week! Let me know if you have any other questions that I didn’t answer, or if there are any specific NYFW posts you’d like for me to do!

xo Lauren

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