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Beauty 8 years ago

everyday makeup routine





floral make-up bag | candle (all makeup linked below!)

I don’t know about you but I always LOVE reading/learning about other people’s everyday makeup routine, so I wanted to share mine with y’all today! I have one makeup routine that I do for more of a “going out” or date night look…but the one I’m sharing with y’all today is my everyday makeup routine: for casual coffee dates, running errands, meetings, etc. When I don’t want to leave the house without makeup on, but also don’t want to go “all out” haha. I’d say total, this routine takes me less than 10 minutes! I like to keep it really simple!

1. HOURGLASS Veil Mineral Primer

First step in my everyday makeup routine is this primer. I put it on before I put any other makeup on, because it makes your foundation go on really smooth, and also makes it last SO much longer! (Sometimes I rotate between the HOURGLASS primer, and this one. I love both!)

2. Laura Mercier secret concealer

Next I use this amazing concealer under my eyes, and on any blemishes I might have that day. I love this concealer because it does a great job covering up dark circles, but without looking “cakey”. The consistency is great and stays on for hours! It instantly brightens your eyes.

3. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

After hearing the best reviews about this foundation from SO many people, I decided to give it a try about two months ago and let me tell ya…this foundation is all it’s cracked up to be and more. (I currently wear the color “wheat”). The coverage is amazing, but still looks natural. And it legit stays on all day. After applying the primer and concealer, I put on this foundation using a beauty blender. Every now and then if I don’t feel like wearing a foundation, I will wear this tinted moisture instead, which I also love.

4. Bobbi Brown bronzing powder

After foundation I brush on this bronzing powder – I make a “c”-shape starting at the top, left middle of my forehead, down to just under my cheekbone, and then the same starting on the top right middle of my forehead. I kind of just brush it on lightly, wherever!

5. NARS blush in “orgasm”

Again, another product that is 100% all it’s cracked up to be. I started using this blush a little over a year ago and haven’t tried another one since, because it’s so perfect. I love this color pink and that it has just the right amount of glow to it. For step 5 – I apply this blush just to the apples of my cheeks

6. Bobbi Brown bronze shimmer bric

I’ve done a few posts on this shimmer bric already so I won’t go into too much detail about how amazing it is, but trust me…you will LOVE it! After I apply blush to the apples of my cheeks, I apply this shimmer bric to my cheek bones, and brush a tiny bit on the bridge of my nose.

7. Urban Decay NAKED eyeshadow palette

My sister-in-law gave me this eyeshadow two or three years ago for Christmas, and it’s literally the only eyeshadow I wear! This palette in particular has every color you’d need, for any occasion (in my opinion, at least…but I keep things pretty simple when it comes to eyeshadow). For an everyday makeup routine, I just brush on one or two colors onto my eyelids just to make them look smoother/a little brighter.

After this step, I’d usually probably apply a little mascara…but I actually get lash extensions from Amanda and Naomi Elizabeth studio, so I don’t ever wear eye makeup on an everyday basis (other than eyeshadow)! It’s so nice!

8. Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish power

Last but DEFINITELY not least…I brush this finishing powder all over my face! I am OBSESSED with this powder because it makes your makeup last longer, and truly does give you a flawless finish. My sister borrowed it from me a few weeks ago and loved it so much, she went out and bought her own the next week!



I also wanted to share with you this YSL lipstick that I’ve been posting/talking about consistently on snapchat and instagram (this color is 09). Let me tell you the backstory of this.

For a while now I’ve heard AMAZING things about this YSL lipstick and the glossy stain, but $36 is more than I usually spend on a lipstick so I resisted. I went into Nordstrom a few weeks ago though to look for the perfect everyday fall lip color, and thought I’d at least try the YSL on. Game. OVER. This lipstick pictured above was the first one I tried on and I fell in love with how rich the color was, and how moisturizing it felt on my lips. So, I bought it and have been loving it!

I was still interested in the glossy stain though because I’d heard it stays on for HOURS. And when you’re traveling or taking pics…or anything really, it’s really nice not to have to reapply your lipstick a million times. I got the glossy stain in #107 (which is a perfect rosey/fall color), and 17, which is a great pop of pink without being TOO over the top! It’s my favorite pink color I’ve ever owned!

So I went a little crazy and went from having 0 to 3, but these are literally the only 3 lip colors in my purse (I used to carry around like 15 haha). So, IMO, more than worth the money! You will love them!

Let me know if y’all try any of these products from my everyday makeup routine out, and if so..what you think! I think you’ll love them as much as I do! If you’re struggling to find an everyday makeup routine that works for you though…I totally suggest going into the beauty department at any Nordstrom store. They carry SO many different brands and their associates are always super helpful and knowledgeable!

This post was created in collaboration with Nordstrom. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

xo Lauren

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