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Fashion 7 years ago

velvet maxi dress + blogging behind the lens




Happy New Year’s Eve’s Eve! I’ll be honest with y’all. Most years for NYE Michael and I keep it pretty low key. Like maybe have a few people over, order a pizza, hang out, play games, and call it a night. We’ve never really done anything super fancy for New Year’s. This year though we’re actually attending a party downtown and the attire is black tie! I thought this velvet maxi dress would be perfect for the occasion (and the price was super reasonable). I love any excuse to get really dressed up!



I’ve gotten a lot of questions recently about what camera I shoot with or who takes my photos. So, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to share a little story about my blogging journey that you might not now! It all goes back to before I ever started blogging, and I was still working full time for Neiman Marcus Direct. I had an itch to quit my job there to start blogging full time and venture into something more creative than the corporate setting I was in. A door opened for me to do that, but being young newlyweds, I thought for sure my very practical husband Michael would say “no way. keep your regular job.”

I will never forget the conversation we had at Blue Mesa July of 2014 when I told him I wanted to quit my job to blog full time, and that I had a really good feeling about it, and really believed in the potential of the blog. From day 1, Michael was 100% on board and 100% supportive. He knew that blogging was something I was passionate about and felt called to, and he completely supported me making the decision to quit my corporate job so that I could focus on blogging full time. He also made the point that we are young, and if for whatever reason it didn’t work out, I could go back and find another job. Nevertheless though, he has supported me every step of the way…even those early steps when I was wondering if it would make any money at all.





Outfit details: Velvet maxi dress (wearing size XS) | Velvet heels | Clutch | Earrings | Lipstick (color is ‘velvet teddy’) | Bracelets

Fast forward to two and a half years later…now that the blog is more established, Michael is still my right hand man and biggest supporter. Whenever people ask me how I’ve grown or been successful, I always tell them I couldn’t do this job without the help and support of my husband.

Several of you have asked me recently about what camera I shoot with or who takes my pics…If I shoot with a professional photographer I typically will include that in my post. I often shoot with Mary Summers or Angie Garcia – both of them I adore. But I will say that probably 90% of the pictures you see on here or on instagram are taken by Michael!

We shoot with a Canon 5d mark iii and for Christmas, Michael just got me the sigma 35mm lens and it is a DREAM! Honestly y’all, one of my favorite things about this blogging journey has been the growth Michael and I have experienced, both as individuals, as well as in our marriage. Prior to blogging, neither one of us knew anything about photography. We’ve just had to throw ourselves in it, and figure it out together. (So, bear with us! We’re still learning!).

There are so many reasons why blogging truly is my dream job…but one of the main reasons is because it’s allowed Michael and I to partner together to grow my business, to brainstorm new ideas on how to create content you guys care about. It’s been such a fun journey for us, and truly a blessing! Don’t get me wrong…there are definitely days where we’re in a fight and taking pictures is the LAST thing we want to do! But, even in those times, I’m still thankful.

Hope y’all enjoyed getting a little behind the scenes / back story about my blogging journey! If any of you guys are starting a blog, it really is so important to have your husband (or boyfriend) on board and really supportive! If he’s not there yet…try and have conversations about it to help him understand how important that is to you.

Have a wonderful Friday!

xo Lauren

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