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Fashion 7 years ago

twirling into 27


One of my earliest memories as a child was something very simple, yet the one of my happiest memories: twirling. I always LOVED when my mom would come home from errands or shopping with a new dress for me. I remember putting on this one yellow dress in particular and just twirling and twirling, without a care in the world. Like the happiest girl in the world.


Today, I’m turning 27 years old! Which is the first birthday where I legit feel like “whoa, I’m not a teenager anymore”. 27 means 30 is just around the corner, which means my young twenties are officially over! WHAT? How did this happen? I know in this day and age, getting older or ‘aging’ is the worst thing ever. But honestly, I feel so excited about being 27.


As I was thinking back on my 26th year…my heart felt overwhelmed with how many beautiful memories this past year has been filled with. Getting to travel with my love and going to Europe for the first time…Italy was such a dream. My sister’s wedding, running half marathons, moving to Colorado…last year was so full of life and joy and the happiest memories. And as I look into the next year, I can hardly wait for what the Lord has in store for me!


I know ‘aging’ gets a bad rap and we’re all so terrified of it…but when you trust in a good God, who is loving and has our best in mind…we can always trust that the best is yet to come. He loves us dearly and has planned each one of our days before we were even born…so we always have more to look forward to. Every single day we can draw closer to Him, continue to look more like Jesus, love people more deeply, and laugh with more joy. Every day we can walk in more freedom from our sin or insecurity with His help, and experience life, and life to the fullest. And that’s why I’m so excited for the year ahead of me.


I pray that this year is full of “twirling” memories – days and memories filled with joy and carefree moments. Free from anxiety or worrying what other people think or having to check just ‘one more thing’ off the to-do list. Memories of losing track of time because the conversations are that intimate and the laughter runs that deep. And I pray that for you as well! That today, this week, this year…is filled with moments where you feel 100% content with this exact chapter of life that you are in…feeling like you are exactly where you are supposed to be.


Outfit details: Floral maxi dress (also available here – wearing the 0) | Lace-up sandals (similar here) | Tassel saddle bag | White earrings

As always, thank y’all so much for reading and for following along – through all of my life journeys. It’s crazy to think that some of you have been following since day 1 when I first started blogging…shortly after Michael and I got married, and now here we are…3 years and a whole nother state later! Hearing from you guys, y’alls encouragement, and continuing to grow this blog was truly a highlight for me this past year, and I can’t thank y’all enough for all of your support! Here’s to an amazing 27th year full of ‘twirling’ moments!

xo Lauren

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