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Fashion 6 years ago

lemon dress + creating quality time with your spouse


As I was editing the photos for this adorable lemon dress, it reminded me of being back in Punta Cana with Michael (and definitely made me want to go back!). But it also got me thinking about our time together on the amazing trips we’ve gotten to take.


Our trips together probably look different than most couple’s trips together because we spend at least a few hours a day working or shooting looks for the blog. (Which, is an absolute blessing to have the ability to work from anywhere, and to get to work with Michael!). It’s definitely changed the dynamic of vacations though!


When Michael and I went on our honeymoon a little over 3 years ago now…we were very intentional about not ever being on our phones. We pretty much left our phones in the safe of our room the entire trip, except when we’d take pics (and even then, we left our phones on airplane mode!). So, we pretty much went a solid week sans phones – no communication with friends or family, no wifi, no instagram, nothing. Obviously this was a pretty thing to do considering we were newlyweds and on top of the world being on a honeymoon together.

But, I realized when we were shooting pictures or responding to e-mails in Punta Cana, how much our time together on trips has changed. Now, it’s not really an option to not be on our phones or to go without wifi, because I’m creating content for the resorts we are visiting. But, this realization led to really great conversation between Michael and me, that I thought could encourage you guys in creating space for quality time with your spouse.


Your spouse is probably the person you are the MOST comfortable with, out of anyone in your life, which is such a beautiful thing. But, this also means that you’re probably really comfortable being on your phone all the time around him (I know I am). When Michael and I were in Punta Cana we talked about being on our honeymoon and how nice it was never being on our phones. While that might not be a reality (for us) now, it is still SO important that you are intentionally creating space for good conversation and quality time together. Even though it can be so tempting to just mindlessly scroll through your phone.


Once I realized HOW much Michael and I were on our phones in Punta Cana, and I brought it up to him…Michael was so intentional from that point forward about leaving his phone in the room. I also tried to be intentional about posting an instagram photo, and then putting my phone away the rest of the night. While this might feel foreign because you’re breaking a habit…this choice leads to so much more intimacy than you would have had if you were scrolling through snapchat during dinner. When Michael and I both chose to leave our phones in the room to truly focus on each other…we had such amazing conversations, made each other laugh, and were 100% invested in our time together.


Maybe your phone isn’t the problem for you and your husband. Maybe having intentional conversation is just a struggle for y’all. I’m learning though that there is so much value and fruit that comes from pressing in. When it feels easier to just sit in silence, or avoid some topic of conversation…I want to challenge y’all to be intentional with your husband. Choose to encourage him in something he’s going through at work, or ask him questions about his walk with Christ that will lead to challenging, yet fruit bearing conversations. Ask him how you can be praying for him.


Outfit Details: lemon dress (also available here) | similar straw clutch | earrings | sandals | sunglasses

I’m not saying that every conversation needs to be super heavy and intense…I just want to encourage y’all the next time you’re traveling with your husband, or tonight when he gets home from work…make a choice to be intentional with your time together. It truly leads to so much more intimacy, and will produce fruit not only in your marriage, but in your individual lives as well!


xo Lauren

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