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Fashion 7 years ago

lattes with lauren | pt 3

Happy Friday guys! Sorry it’s been a few weeks since we’ve done my ‘lattes with lauren’ q&a series! The madness of the Nordstrom Sale threw everything off haha. But I’m back today answering 5 of your questions from my last lattes with lauren! Remember, if you have any questions you’d like for me to answer next week…leave them in the comments below!


1. What is your current workout routine? I love anything running or cardio so what are your tips for mixing it up?

Like I’ve mentioned previously…my workout routine has changed a lot in the last 6 months! Up until about 6 months ago, pretty much all I did was cardio. I ran and did Flywheel (which btw I miss SO MUCH because there’s not one in Colorado!). After talking to alot of fitness experts / personal trainers / doing research, I realized how important it is to have both strength training and cardio in your fitness routine. So, I started adding in weight training and yoga. (And even for cosmetic reasons, I wasn’t loving how my body was looking doing straight cardio).

Now, onto my current workout routine. I usually work out 6 days a week. 3 of those days are ‘cardio days’ where I run and do an ab workout. I run anywhere from 5-8 miles depending on if I’m training for a race or not. On my ‘strength training’ days…I’ll usually start off doing an interval workout on the stairmaster for 10-30 minutes. Then I will either do an upper body or lower body workout, with weights / circuit training / HIIT exercises, for about 30 minutes. Some ‘strength training’ days, I’ll do a sculpt class at Corepower Yoga. (FYI – I am not a personal trainer or expert by any means. This is just a routine that I enjoy and that’s working well for me!)


2. How do you make time for the Lord? It seems like I push that time to the very end of the day because of work and other commitments.

I think until the day I get to Heaven, this will never be easy for me. Sure, there are seasons where this is easier than others, but overall…spending time with the Lord requires effort – just like any relationship takes effort.

Some people can have their ‘quiet time’, or time with the Lord, in the evenings, but that’s never worked for me. I make time for the Lord by choosing to sit down with Him first thing in the morning. I roll out of bed, brush my teeth, start the coffee, and then sit in my chair in our room with my Bible, devotional, and journal. I really try to make an effort to do it FIRST thing in the morning, otherwise I won’t do it.

Something else that might help is enlisting an accountability partner! Tell a friend or your sister you’re trying to be better about spending time with the Lord, and have her ask you about it weekly!


3. You and Michael travel quite a bit, which is so cool. What are your best tips for saving money on travel?

I have the app ‘Hopper’ which is what I look for cheap flights on! I also really like Skyscanner and Google Flights – all for finding cheap flights. Because of my job, we are extremely fortunate and often get the hotel comped, in exchange for the coverage I provide for the hotel. But a few things we do on trips to save money: I always pack protein bars with me and you’d be surprised how much this can save you! It keeps us from spending money on snacks in the airport or from paying way too much for a snack in a tourist destination. And it’s a healthier option as well! Michael and I also split a lot of our meals when we travel, and make sure to ask for ‘the free’ (aka TAP) water at restaurants haha. These are just little things, but definitely help cut some corners in saving money!


4. I am thinking about getting eyelash extensions, and I live in Dallas. Can you share where you went when you lived here and what the experience is like? I’ve never done it before, so I am complete newbie here.

I went to Naomi Elizabeth Studio for my lash extensions when I lived in Dallas. Amanda did my lashes for about a year and a half and she does an AMAZING job. Everyone’s lashes are different, so the process/experience isn’t the same for everyone. My natural lashes are very dark and pretty long already, so lash extensions work well for me…because I already have long/healthy lashes. So, the lash extensions stay on really well.

In general…you go in for an intial ‘full set’, where they put the lashes on you. This usually takes around 2 hours. After you have a full set, you just go in for refills. I got my lashes refilled about every 2-3 weeks. A refill takes about an hour!

I know alot of people say this is just too much maitenance, but for me, it’s 100% worth it. I literally never wear eye make-up unless I’m getting like super dressed up for a special occasion. And it looks like I always have eye makeup on because of the lash extensions! I love having them.


5. Can you talk about your self tan/spray tan routine?

I get asked this question ALL the time, which is why I picked to answer this one haha. SO, this is my favorite self tanner ever. Probably the only one I’ve ever actually loved/used repeatedly. People have commented alot on recent pictures asking what self tanner I use. I currently am not using any self tanner. I’m naturally pretty tan (I get it from my mom!), and in the summer I get REALLY tan if I’m in the sun. So, I don’t use self tanner in the summer. However…when I do use self tanner, this is my routine:

-Shower/exfoliate your skin, shave (this is my favorite body scrub for exfoliating).

-When you get out of the shower, put lotion on everywhere. (This is my fave lotion ever and it’s currently on sale).

-Apply the self tanner the NEXT day, after you’ve exfoliated/shaved/moisturized. I leave this self tanner on for at least 4 hours before rinsing it off.

-Once you do shower, it’s important to use an all-natural/clean body wash so that the toxins don’t make your tan fade faster. (This is my favorite clean / all-natural body wash and it’s on sale).

-Keep your skin moisturized to make the tan last longer, by moisturizing daily with the lotion I linked above!

My self tanner usually lasts 3-4 days. So, in the dead of winter I might apply it once a week, or once every other week!


Outfit details: sweater (similar here) | jeans (similar here) | booties | bag | earrings | necklace | sunglasses

Thank y’all for reading! Let me know what questions you’d like for me to answer next week in the comments below!



xo Lauren

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