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Beauty 7 years ago

nordstrom anniversary sale: best beauty buys


Okay y’all…I will try and do my best to keep this as concise as possible…but there are SO MANY good beauty buys from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year! The NSale is such a good time to stock up on your favorite shampoo/conditioner on major sale,  or replenish your go-to eye cream, and also the perfect time to try out a new product you’ve been considering (what better time than now when it’s on sale?!)

I’m going to break this down into categories for y’all – and share my top picks from each beauty category. I will share with you my favorite beauty products I bought from this year’s sale, as well as the beauty products I already owned (and love) that are included in the sale, and GREAT purchases! Lastly I’ll share with you beauty products that are on my wishlist because I’ve heard such great reviews.


First, I’ll share with y’all the make-up I bought this year from anniversary sale and LOVE.


I didn’t buy a ton of make-up from the sale this year, because I actually already own a lot of the products included in the sale! Above are my favorite make-up products I bought, and here’s some info about my top two:


Laura Mercier eye and cheek palette

I wear the same blush / bronzer / eye shadow every single day and have been wanting to branch out for a while, but never found anything that could compare to my regular. When I saw the gorgeous colors in this palette though, and the really pretty shimmer to it…I decided to give it a try. I also love that you have all of your eye shadow, bronzer, and highlighter in one palette. Makes it super easy for traveling! The colors in this palette are gorgeous, and give just the right amount of shimmer and glow. The eyeshadows also have a slight creamy finish to them, which means they a really long time!

Mac mini lip kit in ‘baby be cool’

I am a long-time, major, huge, crazy lover for Mac lip products. They have the best lip colors IMO and they stay on forever without drying your lips out. I LOVE the colors in this lip kit – they’re the perfect pinky/rosy/mauve for fall (and summer!) and feel amazing on. It has two lip glosses and two lipsticks and the colors are beautiful. Here’s a pic after I tried it on at Nordstrom (and then took a pic in the car an hour later!):


Here is the make-up I already had that’s included in the sale this year, that I absolutely love and 100% recommend buying!


Lastly, here is the make-up I’m still considering purchasing because I’ve heard SUCH great reviews:


Skin care

Here are my favorite skin care products on anniversary sale this year (products I either bought from this year’s sale, or already owned and 100% recommend buying!):


I’d love to go into detail about each and every product above (because I really do love all of them), but for the sake of not boring y’all to death…I will just call out / review a few of them!


Kiehl’s day-to-night mask duo

Y’all know how obsessed I am with a good face mask…and I’m pretty religious about my top 3 or 4 favorite masks. Kiehl’s is definitely in my top 3 favorite skincare lines so I couldn’t wait to try out these two masks. And two masks, for $23, from one of my favorite skincare brands? I couldn’t say no.

This set is amazing because it has a mask for morning (Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque) and one for night (Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque). It’s a magical combination that brightens and hydrates your skin, leaving you with super smooth complexion.

Kiehl’s ultra healthy skin favorites collection

If you’re in need of a new skincare routine, or you’ve always wanted to try out Kiehl’s…this is the PERFECT kit to start with. It has all of their best sellers in it, and you’re getting SO much good product at a major discount. It also comes with a super cute bag that makes this set even more travel-friendly.

Kiehl’s jumbo creme de korps with pump

Okay, yes this bottle is MASSIVE but this lotion is the only body lotion I use on a consistent basis. I put it on every day when I get out of the shower because it’s super moisturizing, but not sticky at all. I also have really sensitive skin and have to use really clean / non-scented products. This lotion has never made me itchy and I’ve never had allergy problems with it. Also, this massive bottle will legit last you a year – even if you use it everyday. I love how soft it leaves my skin (and since it’s not scented, Michael can use it too!)

Supergoop defense refresh setting mist

If you’ve watched my instagram stories make-up tutorials…you already know I’m obsessed with this setting mist! First of all, it has SPF which is crucial to have on your face at all times. Second of all, it really does set your make-up and makes it last so much longer! I’m obsessed with this stuff. This set on anniversary sale has a full size, and a travel size setting mist for only $28!

Kate Somerville Cult Favorites kit

Kate Somerville is another one of my favorite skincare brands. Being a blogger, I try out tons of different skincare lines, and try to stick with just one line at a time. (So, right now I’m using Tula and loving it. But, before Tula I was using Kate Somerville for a while and love her products / 100% recommend them). This kit has her best sellers in it and are great for everyday skincare, break-out prevention, and anti-aging! (The exfoliator that comes in this kit is my all-time favorite exfoliator).

Below are the skin care products on anniversary sale I’m considering purchasing because I’ve heard such amazing reviews:


Have you guys tried this skin rejuvenating pillow case? I ordered it because I’ve heard such amazing reviews.  Apparently the pillow case helps maintain your skin’s youthful appearance and minimize the visible signs of aging—including fine lines, wrinkles and lack of smoothness. The pillowcase fibers are embedded with Cupron® Copper Oxide technology, derived from a well-known essential mineral that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles!

Hair Care

Below are products I either bought from the sale this year, or already own and 100% recommend buying! There are SO MANY good hair products on anniversary sale this year!!


Ouai hair kit

This little two piece hair kit is essentially everything you need to style your hair – in one, travel-friendly kit. Ouai is a relatively new brand for me (like within the last 6 months), and I LOVE both of the products in the kit. The wave spray gives your hair that perfect, toussled, summer ‘un-done’ look (especially great when you don’t have time to do your hair). And I love the dry shampoo foam because it doesn’t leave any residue in your hair, and adds so much volume!

T3 Featherweight 2 Hair Dryer

Y’all have probably heard me rave about this dryer 100 times now, but let me just reiterate…it is 100% worth the money (especially right now when it’s on sale). This blow dryer will nearly cut your drying time in half, and it uses technology that is actually good for your hair…instead of damaging. Also, it’s just really pretty!

Oribe gold lust set

Seriously all 3 of my all-time favorite hair products in one set! Y’all know how much I LOVE oribe, so if you’ve never tried it out…now is your chance! Or, if you already love Oribe…this is the PERFECT set for traveling! This set has the gold lust shampoo, conditioner, and the dry texturizing spray! Buy it. I promise, you won’t regret it!


Dry bar full size faves set

Drybar definitely makes my all-time favorite dry shampoo, and I’m also obsessed with their ‘tripe sec’ texturizing spray. (I rotate between using that, and the oribe spray I mentioned above!). This full size faves set has their dry shampoo, triple sec texturizing spray, and ‘prep rally’ spray – which is essential in detangling your hair and protecting from heat.

Other hair products I’m wanting to try because I’ve heard such great reviews:


Beauty-related gifts

This is also the perfect time to stock up on Christmas gifts for your mom, sisters, or girlfriends! There are TONS of great beauty products on anniversary sale that would make for great gifts! Here are some of my top picks:


Okay, wow, that was alot of info! If you have any questions about specific product I posted above…let me know! I’d be happy to answer any questions, just didn’t want to give y’all WAY too much information! But, I feel like I could make 3 more blog posts out of these beauty buys!

Do you have any beauty favorites included in the nordstrom anniversary sale? Comment below and let me know! Always on the lookout for new faves!

xo Lauren

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