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Beauty 7 years ago

everything you need to know about eyelash extensions


One of the most frequently asked questions I get from you guys is about my eyelash extensions – which I LOVE having! So today I want to give you ALL the information on my lash extensions – why I love them, maintenance, where I go, and more!

Where I go for eyelash extensions

When I lived in Dallas, I went to Naomi Elizabeth Studio in Plano (it’s off the tollway right by Whiskey Cake!). Amanda usually did my lashes but both the girls there are AMAZING and I highly recommend them!

Now that we live in Boulder, Jessica at Plush Lashes & Brows does my lashes. She’s located in Broomfield (close to the mall) and does an amazing job. She also does microblading if you’re looking into that!

What kind of eyelash extensions I get

I apologize that I don’t know more details about this, but I know I get volume lash extensions (at most places you can either get classic or volume, and I love having volume). However, both lash studios I’ve gone to now have told me that my natural lashes are really long and healthy. So, they can handle long + voluminous lash extensions. That isn’t the case for everyone! I’d recommend asking your lash artist what type of lashes would be best (and the least damaging) for your natural lashes!

Eyelash extension maintenance

The maintenance is also something that’s different for everyone. My mom got lash extensions a while back and hers only lasted a week! I go 3 weeks between refills though because my lash extensions stay on really well. A refill typically takes about an hour.

The other thing you need to know about maintenance is related to your eye makeup remover / face-washing process. With lash extensions, you should avoid any eye make-up remover with oil in it, because it will make your lash extensions fall off faster. I also avoid splashing water on my face when I wash my face – instead, I use a wash cloth!

Again, the maintenance thing is totally a personal preference. My sister Jill got lash extensions before her wedding and hated not being able to rub her eyes and stuff. It really doesn’t bother me though (slash is worth it to have really long lashes haha).


Damaging effects?

Every time I get a lash refill I ask Jessica “how do my natural lashes look? Are they still in good shape?” I know she would be honest with me and let me know if I needed to take a lash break because my natural lashes were damaged – she’s told other clients that before! This is something that just depends on the person and depends on how you take care of your lashes. Because I’ve taken really good care of my lash extensions, and only go to lash artists who really care about the integrity of your natural lash…my natural lashes are still very healthy.

NOW, having said that…I’m sure my natural lashes would be much healthier if I hadn’t have been wearing lash extensions for two years now! But considering how long I’ve had lash extensions, my lashes are still in great shape and I definitely haven’t had any long-term damaging effects!

Make-up with lash extensions

So this is the number one reason why I love having eyelash extensions. A lot of you have asked me if I put my mascara on my lash extensions or how I do my eye make-up. On an everyday basis, I pretty much wear zero eye makeup whatsoever (other than really subtle eye shadow). If we’re shooting for the blog or going out somewhere, I’ll usually do eyeliner on the top. But I NEVER wear mascara with lash extensions – because I don’t have to! And it’s so nice! And the reason why I rarely wear eyeliner is because the lash extensions already make it look like you’re wearing eyeliner on the top. It’s amazing!

If you have lash extensions, I wouldn’t recommend putting mascara on them. They won’t last as long and it’s really hard to get the mascara off or clean your lashes.

Why I love my lash extensions

I’ve thought several times to myself “maybe I should save the money and stop getting lash extensions” but have yet to bring myself to lol. There are SO many reasons why I love having lash extensions. One, is because part of my job is always taking pictures – and lash extensions just make for really great pictures. So if you have a wedding or engagement pictures coming up, I definitely recommend looking into them!

Another reason is because I live such an active lifestyle. I workout 6-7 days a week and am always in athletic clothes, and rarely put on a full face of makeup. So, I like still feeling somewhat “done up” even if I’m just at the gym or in workout clothes! Lashes make a big difference!

I also love having my lash extensions because of how much we travel. I bring a minimum amount of makeup with me on our trips and wear very little makeup during the day. I don’t like to spend a lot of time on my makeup, ever really…but especially on trips! With lash extensions my makeup takes me 5 minutes to do during the day. Literally.

Hope this helps answer any questions you might’ve had about eyelash extensions! Let me know though in the comments if there was something I didn’t answer. Overall I’d just say – do your research on the lash artist you’re going to! And again, it’s totally a personal preference thing. Some people really don’t like having them, but I 110% LOVE having mine and plan on keeping them for a while!

xo Lauren

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