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Beauty 7 years ago

tula mini facial at home

You guys know how obsessed I am with Tula – I feel like I’m constantly talking slash raving about it on my instagram stories! But, just in case you haven’t heard me talk about it yet…I’ll quickly share why I love this skincare line (before getting into the launch of their new product I’m loving!).

I first started using Tula products a little over a year ago. After using them consistently for about a 3 weeks, I started to notice a huge difference in my skin. Prior to using Tula I struggled with pretty regular breakouts, oily skin, dry skin, basically all the problems haha.

The word Tula actually means ‘balance’ in Sanskrit. The founder of Tula discovered that probiotics and other superfoods could help naturally balance and boost the health of the skin, and that’s how TULA got started! And that’s exactly how my skin started to feel after consistent use of these products: balanced.

Here’s what makes Tula products so amazing and effective: they use probiotics in all their formulas. We’ve all heard how good probiotics are for you, and probably take it as a supplement. Probiotics are good bacteria that can be found in our bodies.They are protein, vitamin, and mineral-rich elements that help protect against harmful bacteria and negative environmental irritants.

Tula uses probiotics in all of their formulas, so when you apply these to your skin, probiotics can stimulate the production of defense cells that restore your skin’s natural balance and stabilize its immune system. Not only does this help your skin look healthy, young, and clear, but it also decreases sensitivity, redness and inflammation.

Here are some of my favorite Tula products:


NOW onto the launch of their new product, that I can’t wait to share with y’all!



Some of you might have seen my instagram stories last Friday sharing all about these Dual-phase skin reviving treatment pads. (I’ll also share the video below so you can see how easy they are to use and learn more about them).

These treatment pads are so amazing because they’re basically like a mini facial at home! They only take 2-3 minutes but instantly leave your skin feeling so soft and so hydrated.



The treatment pads come in a box with 16 pads. Each pad is dual sided – one is the serum side, and the other is the exfoliating side. So you start with the serum side and get all of that probiotic + lactic acid goodness on your face, and then you switch it to the textured side to exfoliate your skin for 2-3 minutes.

After you’re done with that, you rinse your face with warm water and pat dry! You’ll be able to tell a difference in your skin right away. Use them 1-2 times per week to continue seeing better results!

Here’s the video from my instagram stories to see it live in action:

The good news for you guys, is you can get 20% off these treatment pads (or ANYTHING else on Tula’s site) if you use the code LAURENSIMS at checkout! This truly is such an amazing line of skincare products, and everyone I know who has used them has had nothing but AMAZING things to say about Tula! Can’t wait for you guys to try these out!

Thank you to Tula for sponsoring this post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

xo Lauren

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