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Fashion 3 years ago

my job as a blogger's assistant


Hi friends! I am so excited to write today’s post. It’s so crazy to me that I’ve now been working for Lauren for over 9 months. It’s been the best adventure/a dream come true and I’ve honestly loved every minute of it. Lauren and I both get questions all the time about my role – what I do, what all goes into blogging, who does what, etc. – so I’m hoping today’s post will help answer some of those questions for y’all.

So if you’re new to the blog, I started working for Lauren full-time in August (worked part time for a few months before that – read more about how that happened here). I would definitely say my role has evolved and grown since then, and honestly no two days look the same – which I personally LOVE! Today I want to give y’all a little insight into what I do each day and what it looks like to work full-time as a blogger’s assistant. I could literally write a novel about all of this (and I kind of did), but I’ll try to save some for future posts! For now I’ll break down my job into three main categories – content creation & management, brand communication/partner development, and general administration – and elaborate a little bit on what that looks like day-to-day!

So maybe my favorite part of this job is content creation & management. Not long after I started working for Lauren, we built out a new editorial calendar where we schedule all of our blog posts and track deadlines for different collaborations. When I came on full-time, the calendar became what Lauren calls ‘my baby’ (and it really is haha!). So not only am I helping oversee all of our contracts (more on that later), but I’m also always trying to strategically come up with new ideas for content to keep the calendar full and consistent. On any given day I am always brainstorming new ideas for blog posts and, if necessary, reaching out to people/brands I think would make for great partners for that content. If I see on insta that a TON of people are asking about skincare, then I’ll modify the calendar to include more skincare posts, etc. Or like our ‘Fridays in Fall’ series we did was my idea, and it really is SO fun just coming up with ideas! Even if they come to me at 8pm on a Saturday haha!


Another huge part of my job is what I’ll call brand communication and partnership development. Obviously we work with a TON of different brands for a lot of different projects, and it’s really important we communicate clearly with them and make a good impression. So I’ll send the brand contact at rewardStyle our links for a sponsored post or I’ll let Tula know we shared about them on Insta, etc. It just lets them know that we’re on top of our stuff and that we care about our partnership with them. Another huge part of brainstorming is also seeking out partners and building new relationships for the blog. So, for example, if y’all are asking about at-home workouts that’s a great opportunity for me to reach out to a fitness company about a collaboration. Or if Lauren has been loving a particular product, I can reach out to let the brand know / start fostering a potential relationship there. I also coordinate the majority of Lauren’s travel collab’s which is SO fun because I just love travel and it makes for really great content.

The last umbrella of my job description is what I’ll just call admin work. Y’all will never believe all the work that goes on behind the scenes of a blog. Lauren makes it look easy (which is a testament to her work ethic!), but there’s a ton of tedious admin work that goes on that I help with. I help links outfit details for blog posts, link new clothes for LTK, create collages for posts, update our various spreadsheets (anyone else spreadsheet obsessed like me?!), etc. The nature of this job (blogging) doesn’t lend itself to structure honestly, so from the moment I started that was a huge priority to me – to bring more structure and organization that would both sustain blog growth and also enable a healthier work/life balance for Lauren and me.


Outfit Details: Embroidered Top | Dark Skinny Jeans | Similar Booties | Tassel Earrings

Wow, that was a ton of information but hopefully it helped give y’all a better idea of what my job is. I figured it was best to start with the overarching themes/categories of my work before getting into the specific details, but definitely let us know if you would be interested in more posts like this! I can’t emphasize enough how much I truly LOVE this job and am grateful for Lauren letting me play a part in her business. I still pinch myself sometimes cause I’m like, how did I get here?!

Side Note: taking ‘blog photos’ is a scary thing, especially for someone like me who loves being more ‘behind-the-scenes’. Shout out to all you brave women in front of the camera all the time!

xo Lauren

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