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Beauty 6 years ago

5 favorite lip colors for fall



So, fall is (in my opinion) my favorite time of year for fashion. I love fall clothes – scarves and booties and sweaters and all the layers. Fall is also my favorite time of year though for makeup and beauty products! Every September or October I usually go to Nordstrom to refresh my fall lipstick collection. I either re-buy my tried and true faves, or try on a few new ones to add to my repertoire! I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to keep 500 lipsticks in my purse at one time. I like to only have my absolute favorites in there – but a variety that could work with several different outfits or occasions. So, today I’m going to share my current 5 favorite lip colors for fall!


The first fall lipstick I want to talk about is ‘velvet teddy’ by Mac. If you’ve been following me for a while, you are probably all too familiar with this lipstick haha. It is my GO-TO for fall, and has been for years. This is the perfect deep tone beige, so it goes with everything, but it has enough color to still kind of make a statement. I’ve seen several different girls wear this lipstick with lots of different skin tones and I honestly think it’s flattering on just about every skin tone. I also just love Mac lipsticks in general, so, fair warning, you’ll be seeing a lot of those in this post haha. I love how they feel, they stay on a long time without drying your lips out, and have the perfect amount of pigment to them.


The next lipstick I’m sharing with y’all is a new addition to my fall lip color collection! I recently got ‘twig’ by Mac (shared it on IG stories earlier this week) and have fallen in love with it! The shade is a little similar to velvet teddy in that it falls under the ‘neutral’ family IMO…however twig has way more ‘pink’ to it than velvet teddy does (but not too much). It’s a really pretty soft, muted rose pink for fall. Finding the right pink color for fall can be tricky, because you don’t want it to be too bright, but you still want it to show up! In my opinion, ‘twig’ is the perfect muted pink color for fall. I’ve been wearing it constantly since I bought it a week ago and have received tons of compliments on it!

I’m not sure if it’s because of my personality or my skintone, but TBH I typically shy away from red lipsticks. They’re just not my thing and I’ve never felt comfortable wearing red on my lips. However, I finally found a lipstick in the red family per se that I actually LOVE. ‘Retro’ by Mac is the perfect red(ish) color for fall because it’s not too bright and in your face, but it still makes a statement. I love this color for fall date nights or concerts or really anything where you want a slightly more bold look, without being too over the top. It’s got some earthy tones to it, but still has a warm fall look. I’m obsessed!


The last two lip colors for fall I’ll be sharing today are both a YSL liquid matte lip stain. Before you let the words ‘lip stain’ totally freak you out…let me assure you: this is hands down the best (and the only) lip stain I will wear. This formula is life changing and pretty much anytime they release a new color in this formula, I buy another one. The color will last for HOURS on your lips, without drying them out. It also doesn’t get on your teeth or look to “painty” (for lack of a better word haha but you know what I’m referring to!). It looks like you’re just wearing a regular lipstick (or even gloss) but stays on for hours.


Okay, now onto my favorite lip colors for fall from this lip stain. I bought the color ‘neutral underground‘ before fashion week in September and have LOVED it ever since. (This is the color I’m wearing in all of these photos). This is a gorgeous plum that makes a statement, without making your lips look purple. I think it’s bold and sexy but still feminine at the same time! If you’ve been looking for that perfect plum color for fall, you HAVE to try this out!

I also have this matte lip stain in the color ‘nude undercover‘ and honestly love this year round! Finding the right nude can be so tricky – some of them pull too orange, some of them don’t show up enough, and some of them make your teeth look yellow ha. IMO this one is the perfect nude because it definitely shows up and gives your lips the perfect amount of color, and has neutral undertones (as opposed to orangey). It’s a universally flattering shade of rose/pink and is perfect to wear everyday in the fall with casual sweaters and jeans, or even as you’re running errands in your workout clothes! While you definitely can wear this color year round, I think it’s perfect for fall because it’s a little bit of a darker nude, rather than a pink nude!


So, to recap, my 5 favorite lip colors for fall are rounded up below!:



From top to bottom, these colors are: Velvet teddy by mac, Twig by Mac, Retro by Mac, YSL ‘nude undercover’, and YSL ‘neutral underground’.


Outfit details: Cable-knit sweater | Striped tee | Tortoise hoop earrings

I know shopping for lipsticks online can be a tricky thing, so I hope this little guide makes your shopping easier! If you’ve tried any of the shades I shared today, please share in the comments below! Or, if you have any other “ride or die” fall lipsticks, I’d love to hear about them! Thanks for reading!

This post was created in collaboration with Nordstrom. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

xo Lauren

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