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Beauty 6 years ago

best beauty buys of 2018

Happy Friday friends! We are kicking off another series today called “best of 2018”. This series will happen every Friday in January where I share with y’all my best purchases from last year from these 4 categories: beauty, fitness, fashion, and baby! We’re starting today off with my best beauty purchases from 2018. If you follow me on IG or IG stories, most of these will not come as a surprise to you because I’ve talked about each one of these products A TON!

Click on any of the products below to shop! Read full reviews below!


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

I held off on buying this blow dryer for about a year. I mean, $400 for a hair dryer is RIDICULOUS in my opinion. I had heard the raving reviews about it, but still couldn’t justify the price. TBH I ended up pulling the trigger on it because I had a partnership with eBay and they were wanting me to promote it. So, I figured I’d try it out and review it for that blog post. Once I tried it out, I 100% understood why everyone was so obsessed. Even my sister, who has WAY more hair than I do, said over Christmas when she used it “oh my gosh this dried my hair in like two seconds.” It is seriously magical. Now anytime I have to use another blow dryer, I’m reminded “oh yeah, it takes me at least 15-20 minutes to dry my hair with any other blow dryer.” With the Dyson, my hair goes from soaking wet to totally dry in 5 minutes. No exaggeration. How does it work? It measures the air temperature 20 times every second, keeping the temperature under control (so it’s not damaging for your hair!). Lightweight and balanced, it’s designed with the motor in the handle to completely redistribute the dryer’s weight and shape. So, if you’ve been debating this bad boy, let me tell ya, it’s worth the money if drying your hair is taking you forever.

Eminence Facial Recovery Oil

I’ve tried a ton of different facial oils, and this one is hands down my favorite I’ve ever used. I love it because it’s not just hydrating – it also has tea tree oil in it which helps with breakouts by balancing your skin’s oil production! So even if you think you have oily skin, this is still a great product for you! It’s an all in one oil in that it’s anti-aging, helps with breakouts, and it’s also so hydrating. I use this morning and night in my skincare routine and it’s made a tremendous difference in my complexion.

Eminence Clear Skin probiotic cleanser

Prior to using this cleanser, I wasn’t super adamant about what I washed my face with. I thought the cleanser was the least important step in the skincare routine. Once I started using this probiotic cleanser though and could tell a noticeable difference in the amount of breakouts I was getting, I was sold. This cleanser is especially great if you have acne prone skin. I was terrified of what my skin would do after having a baby because hormones are so crazy, and it’s honestly stayed really clear which I think is due in large part to this cleanser! I also love it because it cleanses your skin without stripping it of moisture. My skin never feels dry after I use this!

Eminence Clear Skin probiotic mask

Yes, I have 3 Eminence products in my best beauty buys of 2018 haha. Honestly could’ve had more but decided I wouldn’t overwhelm y’all. I LOVE THIS MASK! I use it at least twice a week and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. It’s somehow clarifying and hydrating at the same time. My skin looks and feels SO refreshed after I use it, and it works wonders if you’re dealing with breakouts. This mask has lactic acid in it so it exfoliates and moisturizes and cucumber which will rejuvenate and tone your skin. If you haven’t tried this mask yet, I can’t recommend it enough. I promise you’ll love it as much as I do.

Oribe pre-shampoo treatment

I started using this treatment for my hair about 6 months ago, and it’s pretty amazing. I use it once a week, before getting in the shower. Apply to dry hair and let it sit on there for about 15-30 minutes…then shampoo + condition your hair like normal. This treatment will moisturize and repair your hair and helps tremendously with dryness and damage. Most of y’all know, I still get my hair cut in Dallas..which only happens like 3 times a year now lol which i know is terrible. This pre-shampoo treatment has helped keep my hair healthy and hydrated in between trims! And this one container of it will last you MONTHS!

Oribe Gold Lust power drops

Y’all know I’m Oribe obsessed, so when these power drops were released I knew I had to try them! I usually mix these in with my fave Oribe oil and apply it throughout my hair before drying/styling. Y’all, these will never NOT be in my haircare routine. They have helped so much with dryness (thanks, Colorado), damage, and just overall weakness I’ve noticed in my hair. The bottle may look tiny, but seriously a little bit goes a long way. I’ve been using the same bottle for a couple months and still have plenty left. This is truly an essential if you consistently apply heat to your hair or have just noticed any decline in your hair’s health and shine. Plus, they smell amazing!

Farmacy Beauty Green Clean

This might seem like a really simple product to have made my best beauty buys list…but I am obsessed with this stuff. Literally the best makeup remover I’ve ever used. I use this on nights when I’m wearing a decent amount of makeup, before I use my Eminence cleanser. This stuff melts away ALL traces of makeup and makes your skin feel so hydrated and healthy. I really love it though because it doesn’t just remove makeup. It also naturally exfoliates your skin because it has papain in it which is a natural enzyme found in papaya. It removes waterproof mascara, liquid eyeliner, foundation…literally everything!

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow

I started using this product in my nighttime skincare routine about 6 months ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s a resurfacing night serum and incredibly effective. This serum reduces the look of pores and fine lines, formulated with a 14 percent AHA/BHA/gentle flower acid blend to exfoliate and honey to hydrate. So basically if you have uneven skin tone, fine lines or wrinkles, breakouts…this serum will be your best friend! I use this every night before my night oil and moisturizer!

Isle of Paradise self tanning drops

I’ll be honest…I have tried at least 20 different self tanners and hated about 18 of them. I am naturally pretty tan and I’m from Dallas where I was at the lake or by a pool all the time. So, most self tanners to me either do nothing for my skin, or they look streaky, orange, and fake. So, when I say that I love these tanning drops, you have to believe that they are GOOD. I love them because you can totally control the level of “tan-ness”. The more drops you do, the tanner you’ll be. You mix a few drops into your regular lotion (any lotion is fine) and apply. No need to wear a mit, and then wash your hands after! I will be doing an entire blog post on these tan drops on Monday so check that post out for more details. But these drops are amazing and give you the most amazing healthy glow!

Drunk Elephant Babyfacial

Okay so I couldn’t use this product for the bulk of 2018 (it isn’t pregnancy safe), but it still makes the list cause it is THAT good! This is hands down my favorite exfoliating mask. It’s loaded up with salicylic acid, so it’s amazing for preventing + battling breakouts. It’s definitely potent stuff, so I recommend using it once a week at first and gradually increasing to maybe twice a week. You leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse, and I promise you’ll be blown away at how clear and smooth your skin is! This is a major skincare staple for me.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

This is definitely one of those products that totally lived up to the hype for me. I’ve tried tons and tons of face masks, and I’ve learned that unfortunately a lot of them are all talk and don’t really make a difference in my skin. This mask though – oh my goodness, I love it and am convinced everybody needs it. It feels so hydrating on your skin and a little goes a long way. I usually like to sleep in it so I wake up with it totally absorbed and my skin starts the day with a nice glow. I love that you can use it as a primer, mask, or overnight treatment. It’s packed with vitamins, too, so your skin is also getting lots of good TLC.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer

Honestly, I fell in LOVE with Hourglass beauty products this year. Not only is the packaging and pigmentation so pretty, but every product is amazing!  Truly, this is the only bronzer you’ll ever need. I’m super picky about bronzer – some barely shows up, some shows up super unnaturally, and some is too shimmery. This bronzer is absolutely perfect and I can use it year round! My go-to shade is ‘radiant bronze light’, but my skin is on the tanner side. It just gives you the most natural glow and the right amount of shimmer!

Silk pillow case

Okay I’ve heard for years that silk pillowcases are total game changers, but didn’t really get it until I bought this one this year. Not only is it very comfortable, but it can help with bed head, acne, and wrinkles! I definitely notice that my hair is smoother and more tame in the mornings since using this pillow case. Plus, it’s insanely soft! Silk pillowcases also don’t absorb oils like cotton does, so it’s much more sanitary for your skin. It makes a great gift for a friend or mom, too!

Tarte Shape Tape concealer

Y’all, this concealer is legit MAGIC. I am obsessed! I love it because it works really well for brightening your underlies, but it can also make zits or hyperpigmentation totally disappear. And a little goes a long way, so you can get a lot of coverage out of the tiniest bit of product. It’s super hydrating and doesn’t dry or settle into creases as the day goes on. It’s also great as an eyeshadow primer. I usually apply it with a beauty blender and it goes on really smooth. Oh, and it also lasts forever!

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Sultry eyeshadow palette

If you remember reading this post, you know I have been completely obsessed with eyeshadow palette for a while now. I’ll be honest, I’m not a makeup guru – I don’t do anything fancy with my eyes and ‘contouring’ intimidates me lol. So it can be hard to justify a lot of eyeshadow palettes because I’ll only use like, three of the shades. But I seriously use every single shadow in this palette! The colors are so pretty and subtle, but you can easily achieve more of an evening/smoky eye if you want to. They’re super easy to blend and I love the brush that it comes with too. Seriously, this is the only eyeshadow palette you need and it’s under $50!

Laneige lip sleeping mask

This may be the best $20 I spent in 2018. Ha, but seriously this lip sleeping mask is amazing and has cured my chapped lips! Colorado is super dry and I found myself completely addicted to chapstick, but my lips would still feel dry. I saw the insanely good reviews on this stuff on Sephora’s site and had to get it! It not only smells heavenly, but I honestly wake up with smoother, more moisturized lips after just one use. The mask is full of antioxidants and vitamin C, and it really makes a huge difference. I don’t use it every night, but I love it and it has done wonders for healing + hydrating my lips!

Hope y’all enjoyed hearing about my absolutely favorite beauty products of 2018! Throughout this month I’ll be sharing more of my 2018 faves, so be sure to look out for those posts. Happy Friday and thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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