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Beauty 5 years ago

fave faux leather leggings + lash extensions!





Hi friends! I am so excited for today’s blog post for a few reasons. 1) Some of my all time favorite wardrobe staples are being featured here – a few items I think every girl needs in her wardrobe that I wear almost daily! More on that in a second. 2) I’m also going to be answering ALL of your questions about lash extensions! I get DM’s about my lash extensions almost daily so I figured it’d be nice to have all the info about them in one place!

Before I answer your lash extension questions, let me tell ya about this simple athleisure look that incorporates so many great wardrobe staples. These faux leather leggings are under $100 and hands down the most flattering leggings you will ever own. I love them because they work well with athleisure looks but you can JUST as easily dress them up with a nice tunic top and pumps for a night out! I also love them to wear on travel days! I wear a size XS for size reference!

I shared this cardigan on stories a few times last week. I actually bought it in 3 colors because it’s SO soft, the perfect fit, and so versatile. You can dress it up with white skinny jeans or wear it with leggings for lounging. It also looks adorable over a casual dress, and under $100! I’m wearing the XS in this as well and I am 5’7!

If you’ve been needing new sunglasses, I am obsessed with these black aviators. This is the larger size which I personally love! These have been such a great purchase because they will never go out of style, and they go with everything!





Now onto my lash extensions! I go to Alchemy Face Bar in Boulder, but they also have a great location in Denver! Y’all, I am OBSESSED with Alchemy. If you live in Boulder or Denver you have to go check it out. First of all, it’s just a beautiful space from a design perspective. Second – they offer so many amazing services. Incredible facials, lash extensions, lash tints, lash lifts, and so much more. When you arrive, they offer you the yummiest hot tea on beautiful dishes with CHOCOLATE. There is always the most relaxing music playing too. My 1hr appt here every two weeks is always a major highlight haha.


Taylor at Alchemy does my lashes and I’ve been seeing her for about a year I think! I get volume lashes and she uses a D curl on me. I’m not sure the exact length of lash she uses, but I ask for a pretty long length because my natural lashes are long! So, my lashes can handle a longer length. If you naturally have short or thin lashes, a really long lash extension might not be a good idea for you because it could damage your natural lash!

Like I said, I’ve been seeing Taylor for about a year now, and my natural lashes are still in great shape. This is one of my most frequently asked questions: have lash extensions damaged your natural lash? This is one of the reasons why I love Taylor / Alchemy so much. They really value the health of your natural lashes and apply the lash extensions in a way that will cause the least amount of damage possible! My natural lashes are still in great shape and have had little to no damage from these extensions. If you don’t live in Boulder/Denver and are wanting to get lash extensions, make sure you do your research on the lash artist you’re seeing. Because yes, a lot of lash extensions can potentially cause major damage to your natural lashes!


The next question I get all the time is about maintenance! I get my lashes refilled every two weeks and the appointment takes about 1 hour. A lot of women have said “I really want lash extensions but don’t want to keep up with them!” I totally get that. But for me, on a daily basis, I rarely put on eye makeup when I have lash extensions! I really only put on eye makeup if we are shooting or maybe going on a nice date night. So, yes, I get a lash refill for an hour every two weeks but this saves me from ever doing my makeup on a daily basis haha. I also LOVE that hour appointment so much! It’s super relaxing and I love chatting with Taylor (if I don’t fall asleep during the appointment haha).

As far as daily maintenance goes, they are really easy to take care of IMO! I never wear mascara on my lash extensions, 1, because I want them to last as long as possible, and 2, I don’t need to! They are already really long, dark, and thick! If I do wear eye makeup, I wear liquid eyeliner which doesn’t damage the lashes at all. Just make sure whatever eyeliner you’re wearing is oil free!

I wash my face at night just like I always would, but I typically use a wash cloth instead of splashing my face with water (again, just to try and make the lashes last as long as possible in between fills). Like I said, I typically don’t wear eye makeup with lash extensions, but if I do wear eye makeup that needs to be removed…I like this Paula’s Choice makeup remover!

A few other lash extension FAQs:

  • I workout a lot and sweating has never had an effect on my lashes!
  • I always wait 24hrs before sweating or showering after I get a lash refill.
  • Yes I still got lashes when I was pregnant! Once I couldn’t really lay on my back anymore, I just laid on my side and held a pillow and she could still fill my lashes.



Outfit details: Pink Cardigan | V-Neck Tee | Faux Leather Leggings | Golden Goose Kicks (similar here) | Leather Tote | Aviator Sunnies

I think that about answers everything regarding my lash extensions! Let me know though if I missed anything and I’ll try to answer your questions in the comments below. I seriously love having lash extensions though and love them even MORE now that I have a baby haha. I just feel so much more put together / awake with them, even when I’m not wearing makeup!

Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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