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Beauty 6 years ago

tan drops: tips + how-to!




About a month ago, I shared my favorite tan drops on IG stories and since then…hundreds of y’all have tagged me in your stories saying that you bought it and are equally as obsessed! I love seeing that you guys are loving these tan drops as much as I am! I’ve also gotten hundreds (maybe thousands!) of DM’s asking how I apply mine, how often, etc. So, today I’m going to spill all the details on why I’m so obsessed with these tan drops and how I apply them!

Everything i’m saying though also applies to the Tan Luxe tan drops! I have tried both of these tan drops and love both brands. I love the Isle of Paradise drops slightly more just bc i think they give me slightly more color and they are slightly cheaper…but both are great honestly!


First, let me tell you why I’m so obsessed with these Isle of Paradise tan drops. I am very picky when it comes to self tanners. I’m naturally olive-skinned / pretty tan (I get it from my momma!). So, TBH most self-tanners do nothing for me. I can’t tell a difference when I apply them. I also feel like 95% of self tanners smell bad, make you streaky, or look orange. Those things though are NOT true of the Isle of Paradise tan drops!

One of the reasons why I love these tan drops is because you can totally customize “how tan” you want to be. The more drops you apply, the tanner you’ll be. So if you just want a really subtle glow, or a tiny bit of color, apply less drops! If you want to be super tan, apply tons of drops! I also love these tan drops because you don’t have to wear a mit when you apply them. IDK why but I hate those tan mits haha. You just mix in with your lotion (i’ll explain this in a sec), and then wash your hands after. They won’t look orange or stained at all! These tan drops do not smell bad either. In my opinion, they don’t have a smell at all. But, if anything they have a faint scent of like…the beach? The best way I know how to describe it haha. Either way though the smell isn’t bad or noticeable at all!

Lastly I love these drops (obviously) for the amazing tan they give me! I apply lots of drops since I’m naturally pretty tan, and I want the drops to make a difference. They definitely make me tanner but without looking fake or TOO tan. They just give the prettiest glow and great color! I also have pretty sensitive skin (I break out in an itchy rash pretty easily so I have to use really sensitive products), and I’ve never gotten itchy from these drops! They are paraben and sulfate free!





Okay, now let’s talk about how to apply these tan drops! I’m specifically applying the Isle of Paradise tan drops here, but same thing applies with the tan luxe drops just FYI! I wear the “dark” color, but the IOP drops come in 3 different shades! With either tan drops, you just mix in a few drops with whatever lotion you use daily. So you’d put a little bit of lotion in your hands, and then mix in a few drops of the tan drops. They work with any lotion, but I personally love mixing them with this Coola sunless tan firming lotion. I also love this First Aid beauty lotion because again, I have sensitive skin and it’s scent free and works great for sensitive skin!

With the IOP tan drops, the directions say you can apply 2-10 drops depending on the level of “tan-ness” you’re going for. I’d say I typically apply closer to 10, depending on which area of my body I’m applying to. (ie: for a smaller area like my chest, I’ll apply like 5ish drops). So, just mix your # of drops into your lotion, and apply to your body, section by section! Arms, chest, legs, etc. It’s SO simple – just like you apply your regular lotion! After you’re done applying everywhere, just wash your hands and you’re done!

I think the tan on these drops typically lasts 3-5 days. I apply mine about once a week…maybe once every two weeks because I don’t really care to be tan 24/7 haha. So I really apply “as needed” – if I have a photoshoot, a big event, etc. But I’d say the tan is good for 3-5 days!

You can also apply these tan drops to your face which is amazing! Just mix a few drops into your daily moisturizer as the last step of your skincare routine and apply! They give your face the prettiest natural-looking glow, and I have personally never broken out from applying these to my face. [With the tan luxe drops, they sell a separate “face” tanner. With IOP, you can use the same drops you use on your body for your face].


Now I’ll share some tips to make the tan look as good as possible, and to make it last longer!

Make sure to exfoliate your skin and shave about 24hrs prior to applying the drops to get the most even tan possible! I love this Kopari body scrub for body exfoliation! Once you apply the tan drops, do not exfoliate your skin unless you want to scrub the tan off. Keep your skin hydrated to make the tan last longer. [The First Aid Beauty lotion I talked about above is great for keeping your skin hydrated].



outfit details: black pj cami | lace trim pj shorts | similar drapey cardigan | ‘shiloh’ necklace

I think that about covers everything about my favorite tan drops! Y’all HAVE to try them out and let me know if you’re as obsessed as I am! Hope this answers all of your questions, but if it doesn’t, please leave any questions in the comments below and I’ll try to get them all answered!

Thanks for reading!

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