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Fashion 5 years ago

answering your FAQs!




As I’ve been scrolling through my DM’s from you guys on Instagram recently, I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a lot of the same questions! So today I wanted to round up the top 5 most commonly asked questions I’ve gotten recently and answer them all in one place for y’all! A lot of the questions I’ve gotten are baby related, but I’ll try to provide a good variety for y’all in this post! I’m also going to give y’all all the details on this amazing dress + why I think it’s such a great summer go-to!

Question #1: Can you review your Nanit (baby monitor)? Do you like it?

We LOVE the Nanit SO much! This is the baby monitor we use for Shiloh that allows us to watch her while she sleeps! One of the reasons I love it is because it works with my phone – so I don’t have to carry around a separate monitor with me. There’s also a setting on your phone where you can just keep the noise on in the background and continue using your phone like normal, so you’ll be able to hear if baby cries.

The nanit also tells you the temperature and humidity level in the room where baby is asleep. It’s also really easy to transport so we bring it with us on ALL of our trips as well! We also use “Nanit insights” which tracks your baby’s sleep every night and gives you a report the next day! My sister is having a baby this summer and she added this to her registry after hearing how much we love ours!

Question #2: How are you able to travel so much? Is it for work?

Michael and I travel A LOT, and I’m sure it seems like “we are always on vacation”…and in some ways, we are! But almost all of our trips (like 99% of them) are work-related. I partner with these resorts so that I can experience them and share an honest review with you guys! Also on these trips I’m shooting tons of content for upcoming campaigns. So it’s pretty amazing to be able to “work” from Cancun or Cabo…but we spend a large part of these trips shooting content, writing blog posts, and…working. I LOVE traveling and feel really inspired + refreshed when I travel but it’s also part of my job!

Question #3: What are some of your favorite devotionals?

As far as a daily devotional, my favorites are New Morning Mercies by Paul Tripp, My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers, and Embraced by Lysa Terkeurst. I recently started God’s Wisdom for Navigating Your Life by Tim Killer and really love that as well! I also like Awaken by Priscilla Shirer.



Question #4: Do you recommend the Snoo? How long did Shiloh sleep in it for?

I get this question ALL the time and it’s so hard to answer! We absolutely LOVED the snoo and I think it is brilliant. It worked really well for Shiloh. (In case you’re not familiar, the snoo is a bassinet that can sense when your baby is fussy and can soothe them by swaying and increasing the “shh” sound). We started doing Moms On Call with Shiloh when she was around 4 weeks old though and I spoke with a sleep trainer there who did not recommend the snoo. She said they are great but once it’s time to transition baby out of the snoo, it’s like you’re starting the sleep training process all over again. So she recommended we put her in her crib ASAP. So, we moved Shiloh to her crib around 6 weeks old I believe and she learned to sleep in that very quickly!

SO. Yes, I think the snoo is amazing and it works. The downside to it is your baby will probably become dependent on it, and transitioning OUT of the snoo might be tough. Our transition really wasn’t hard because Shiloh was still so young. But I think if you let them sleep in it for 4ish months…could be a tough transition after that. But what do I know lol.

Question #5: Any tips for finding community / friends in a new city?

Jump in 110% as quickly as you can. This was pretty tough for me because I tend to be pretty introverted. It’s so easy to not go to things or events because you won’t know anyone. But, force yourself to go and get out of your comfort zone! I honestly had to force myself to be more social than I normally am, in an effort to start forming relationships. Take initiative, invite a co-worker to grab coffee, serve at your church…basically you have to make a BIG effort. And when people invite you to things – go! In the beginning it will feel like A LOT, but you will kind of learn what people you really click with or what circles really fit with your lifestyle this way.

We found the majority of our friends in Boulder through our church! I think that’s such a great and easy way to make friends, and we have been so thankful for ours!




Outfit Details: Tie-Front Dress | Espadrille Wedges | Similar Leather Tote | Similar Sunnies

I am also so excited to share this affordable summer outfit with y’all today! This olive green dress is flattering, versatile, and so easy to wear. It’s one of those dresses I find myself reaching for again and again, because I know it will look good and it’s just such an effortless look. It works well with espadrilles, like the ones I’m wearing in these photos, for date night or meeting friends for a drink on a patio. It’s one of those dresses you can just wear a million different ways! These espadrille wedges are shoes you will want to wear all summer long. They make your legs look so long, and the wedge makes them so easy to walk in! And for all you mommas out there, this dress is also 100% nursing friendly. Major win for sure! I actually found this entire outfit at Walmart, where I’ve honestly been finding so much cute stuff for spring and summer lately. I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to throw all your money out the window to look chic, and that it’s totally possible to feel confident in your outfit while on a budget. Walmart has amazing variety and so many cute, affordable pieces for your wardrobe!

So if you’re looking for a go-to summer dress, this olive green number is seriously such a good one! It’s flattering and easy to accessorize + dress up or down. I love it! Thanks for reading, friends! Hope I answered some of your questions. If you have any other questions you’d like answered or just want to see more of this types of posts, let me know in the comments below!

This post was created in collaboration with Walmart. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

xo Lauren

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