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Fashion 5 years ago

wellness wednesday: my 7 favorite lululemon ride or die must-haves

One of the top requests I get from you guys on IG stories is a Lululemon try on haul or what my Lulu recommendations are! I get it. Shopping at Lululemon can be kind of overwhelming because they have SO many options depending on what type of activity you’re doing! I’ve been sharing more on stories lately what my absolute must-have pieces are from Lulu but thought it might be easy for you guys to see it all in a blog post as well to have everything in one place! So today’s wellness wednesday post will share my 7 must-have items from Lululemon (and just FYI! this isn’t sponsored at all!).

All of the items I’m sharing with y’all today are pieces I have in MULTIPLE colors and have been buying for years and years. They are tried and true – and most of them I’ve gotten my friends or family hooked on too haha.


Fast and Free Leggings | Crescent Tank | Wide Headband

1. Fast and Free Leggings

In the photo above, you will see 3 out of my 7 Lululemon must-haves – with the Fast and Free Leggings being maybe my number 1 or 2. These are hands down the BEST leggings for any type of sweaty workout. I personally LOVE them for spin classes, hot yoga, or running. But you can also wear them for weight training, kickboxing, or literally any other workout. I also wear mine for just around the house because they are so comfortable haha. But I specifically love them for sweaty workouts because it feels like you are wearing NOTHING. They are insanely light and breathable, yet not see through at all. Lululemon calls this material their “naked” sensation because it feels like you’re wearing nothing haha. I also love that these have a pocket on the side to hold your phone in. I wear a size 4 in these leggings (fyi I wear a size 4 in pretty much everything at Lulu).

2. Crescent Tank

I also love the Crescent Tank from Lululemon. TBH I don’t typically buy a lot of tanks from Lulu unless they’re on sale because I think they are kind of overpriced for a basic tank haha. But I got this crescent tank as a gift one time and have been hooked ever since. I love the fit of it, how light and breathable it is, and I think it’s super flattering with high waisted leggings

3. Wide Headbands

I have worn these Wide Headbands from Lululemon for years now. They were especially great when I had extensions because they would hold ALL of my hair back, and also kind of hide the beaded part of my extensions haha which was nice. But I obviously still wear them now as well because I have little fly aways that don’t like to stay back in my pony tail. These headbands also prevent sweat from dripping in your eyes!



4. Align Leggings

In the two photos above, and probably 99% of the time you see me on instagram stories, you will find the infamous align leggings. I kind of have to take a deep breath before writing about these because I FEEL SO STRONGLY ABOUT THEM! First of all – I LIVED in these leggings throughout my entire pregnancy (you don’t need to size up) as well as post partum as well as NOW lol. They are hands down the most comfortable leggings you will EVER put on your body. I love that they can be worn with athletic or “cute” outfits and they are also the most ideal pant ever to travel in. I wear mine with athletic tops and sneakers for walks or hikes, or in the winter I pair mine with oversized sweaters for a cute casual look.

I actually just bought a second pair of black align leggings because I legit wore my other ones to death. (Like I got at least 400 wears out of them. No joke). I just make sure to wash mine on cold and then I hang dry, to keep them looking newer longer. If you don’t have a pair of align leggings yet, get ready for your world to be forever changed.



5. Hotty Hot Long Shorts

It took me a few tries to find my perfect running shorts from Lululemon. I’m very particular about my running shorts – I want some type of zipper pocket, I don’t like them to be too short or too tight, and they cannot ride up. I am glad to say the hotty hot shorts meet ALL of those requirements. I ran my marathon and several half marathons in these shorts and they always stayed perfectly in place and kept me super cool and comfortable. I wear them for other types of workouts as well (not just running) and they’re just an all around great short! I like the “long” length (but TBH I don’t feel like they are super long haha) but they come in regular as well!

6. Energy Bra

The energy bra from Lululemon is my go-to for any high impact or cardio workouts. It’s very supportive without being constrictive or uncomfortable. I love this bra especially for running (or anything involving jumping). Keeps the girls supported but still comfortable at the same time!

7. Invigorate Bra

The invigorate bra is my favorite medium impact sports bra from Lululemon. I wear this bra for sculpt class at corepower yoga, spin classes, weight training, etc. It’s just an all around great bra for any type of workout! You get a good amount of support, but it’s not QUITE as tight / supportive as the energy bra I mentioned above. I have the energy bra in 2 colors and the invigorate bra in 2 colors because they are all I wear when I workout!

Here are those 7 items again:

Fast and Free Leggings

Hotty Hot Long Shorts

Align Leggings

Crescent Tank

Energy Bra

Invigorate Bra

Wide Headband


I hope this list helps make your Lulu shopping a little bit less overwhelming! Do you have any Lululemon must-haves?! I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

xo Lauren

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