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Fashion 5 years ago

louis vuitton neverfull MM review!




Okay y’all, I finally caved and bought the Louis Vuitton neverfull MM after reading so many raving reviews about it! So today I wanted to share my honest Louis Vuitton neverfull MM review, AND share how you can get one of these bags in brand new condition for a major discount!

The Pros of the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Tote

Overall, I absolutely love this bag. I love having an everyday bag that’s big enough to carry all of my stuff and Shiloh’s stuff in it…but still look chic. Diaper bags are very functional but I don’t like having a really cute outfit kinda ruined by a diaper bag backpack haha. I love being able to have a beautiful tote to complete my outfit that’s ALSO functional with all of Shiloh’s stuff she needs.

What I Can Carry in the Medium MM Size if You’re Deciding on Size

On an everyday basis, this size bag (again I got the MM as opposed to the largest GM or smaller PM size) is plenty big to carry all of my stuff (wallet, small makeup bag, sunglasses, protein bar, etc) + stuff for Shiloh (diaper, wipes, toys, burp cloth, etc).

I also love how sturdy this bag is. I carried it to Michael’s graduation and had a TON of stuff in here – a full water bottle, lots of toys for Shiloh, a bottle, diaper, wipes, and tons more…and the handles are extremely sturdy / durable. I have other totes where the handles have started to fray or the bag starts to crack because they weren’t meant to carry over a certain amount of weight. The Louis Vuitton neverfull is extremely sturdy and you never have to worry about overloading it (except your arm might break from putting in 20lbs worth of stuff haha). I’ve read other reviews about this bag saying they have had it for years and years, carry their laptop along with alot of other heavy items and the handles and leather are still in perfect condition.

Along with the “sturdiness”, I also like that this tote isn’t flimsy. No matter how much or how little you have in this bag, it holds its shape really well! Again, no cracking whatsoever given the amount I carry in it every day! It’s also super easy to clean and wipe off so I think this dark color will stay looking new for years to come!




The Cons of the Neverfull MM

I will say, the ONE thing about the MM I don’t love is using it for travel. This would be a perfect travel tote if you don’t have a baby. But, this size is a little bit small if we are flying – to carry all of my stuff and Shiloh’s stuff. If you are specifically wanting a tote for traveling that will fit all of your stuff and baby’s stuff, I would recommend going with the size up (the GM). But, like I said, on an everyday basis, I LOVE the MM size for my everyday bag! I’m also glad I didn’t get the GM because I would LOAD that thing up and probably break my shoulder haha. So, I just use my Longchamp tote when we travel instead of the Louis Vuitton Neverfull.


Price Per Neverfull Size and How I Selected the Damier Ebene Pattern

These bags are certainly an investment, but when you use something everyday whether it’s to haul your family’s essentials or style for a night out with friends your money goes a long way. Louis Vuitton lists their prices for brand new Neverfulls per size on their website:

  • Neverfull PM: $1,240
  • Neverfull MM: $1,320
  • Neverfull GM: $1,400

I was pretty torn in trying to decide which pattern to buy. Personally, I didn’t want the LV logo because I feel like it looks super flashy, and that’s not the look I was going for. I picked the damier ebene pattern because from what I’ve heard…these stay looking new for forever! I love the damier azur as well (the white one) but felt like it would be more difficult to keep clean. TBH though I’m slightly tempted to get a second color down the road for the spring and summer season haha. We’ll see! I love that you can wear the darker color year round though and that it doesn’t show any dirt or wear.

How to Find the Neverfull at a Discount

Now, onto how to get this + other designer bags for a great discount! I actually got this bag for an amazing deal by shopping through eBay. A while back, I used to be skeptical about buying designer items from anywhere except directly from the designer. But as y’all know, over the last year or so, that’s totally changed for me! I’ve bought several designer bags + shoes from eBay. eBay has something called the Authenticate Program which basically ensures that your purchases are legitimate and real. They consult with independent experts to verify the products and make sure everything is 100% authentic. It gives me such peace of mind knowing that I’m buying something genuine and of the best quality. Y’all seriously have to start shopping eBay if you haven’t already. I’m totally hooked! Right now, eBay is also running a fun event with tons of luxury handbags starting at $499. It’s the perfect time to shop if you’ve been eyeing any designer bag!


Outfit details: Similar Eyelet Tank | Similar Distressed Jeans | Similar Slide Sandals | Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM | Similar Celine Sunnies | Similar Tortoise Hoop Earrings

I hope this Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM review helps you in making your decision about which tote to buy, if you’ve been in the market! It’s an investment for sure, but I have LOVED mine these past few weeks and know that I will use this for years to come! I also felt better about my purchase knowing that I saved a little bit of money on it thanks to eBay!

This post was created in collaboration with eBay. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

xo Lauren

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