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Beauty 5 years ago

new beauty products I've been loving

I don’t know about you guys, but I always LOVE reading or hearing about new beauty products people have been loving! Beauty products are tough to buy IMO because you can’t really try them out before buying. How are you supposed to know if this mask actually works?! Or if this hairspray will do what you want it to? That’s what I’m here for! I feel like part of my job as an influencer entails trying out TONS of different beauty products and sharing with y’all which ones are worth the buy! So for today’s wellness wednesday post, I want to share a few new beauty products I’ve tested out and have been absolutely loving.

Click on any image in the collage below to shop my recent beauty faves!


Biossance Squalane Vitamin C + Rose Mask | Olaplex Hair Perfector | Sugar Bear Hair Gummies | Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray |  R+Co Television Shampoo | R+Co Television Conditioner | Colleen Rothschild Detoxifying Mask | Biossance Squalane + Glycolic Renewal Facial | Bronzer Brush


Oribe Thick Dry Finishing spray

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how obsessed I am with the Oribe Dry Texturizing spray. I’ve been using it for YEARS and literally never strayed from it. I’ve tried countless of other texturizing products and this one has remained my ride or die. UNTIL I met the Oribe Thick Dry Finishing spray! I recently got my hair cut and colored by my girl in Denver and she used this product on me / raved about it. I loved how my hair looked when she styled it so I bought this spray the very next day haha.

I still love the dry texturizing spray, but I actually love this one more because I feel like it adds thickness, volume, AND texture to your hair as opposed to just texture. It gives your curls that perfect messy / beach wave look and adds thickness, which I definitely need right now thanks to post partum hair loss lol. I love how my hair looks with this spray though and I know y’all will too!


Biossance squalane vitamin C + rose mask

I actually received this package in the mail as part of a press package. TBH I receive countless beauty products in the mail everyday. I try out almost all of them and end up feeling “meh” about 75% of them, and don’t share those with y’all. But, I decided to give this mask a try after seeing the great reviews about it on Sephora’s site…and became OBSESSED from the first time I tried it.

If you feel like your skin is in need of some hydration and glow (yes please), you will love this mask. This mask has 10% vitamin C which will instantly brighten your skin. After I used this one time, my skin felt so hydrated and had the prettiest glow to it.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Biossance squalane + glycolic renewal facial

This mask legitimately feels like you just went to the spa for a facial. It’s a peel, exfoliator, and mask all in one and will do WONDERS for dullness, uneven skin texture, pores and oiliness! This mask is POWERFUL so I recommend only using it once or twice a week!

Sugar bear hair gummy vitamins

Starting when Shiloh was around 3 months old, I started losing A TON OF HAIR. The post partum hair loss was real and kind of terrified me. I take Vital Proteins collagen peptides every single day which has helped a lot with the health + growth of my hair, but I was bound and determined to find something else to help with this crazy hair loss. I had heard tons about these sugar bear hair gummies and decided to give them a try. TBH i thought they were kind of gimmicky and didn’t think they’d work. I was WRONG!

First of all these taste amazing lol like I look forward to taking them everyday. I’d say after about two weeks of taking them, I noticed a significant decrease in the hair shedding. After about a month of using them I noticed my hair was growing so much faster! If you struggle with growing your hair out or if you’re also experience PP hair loss, I highly recommend trying out these gummies.

R + CO television shampoo + conditioner

So y’all know I am a die hard Oribe girl. But Oribe is super expensive and can be hard to keep up with because of $$. So if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more reasonable, I am a HUGE fan of this r + co shampoo and conditioner. They have tons of different options, but I personally love the television shampoo + conditioner because I think it gives your hair a lot of volume and body. I feel like my best hair days are days when I used this shampoo + conditioner! It’s also safe for color treated hair!

Olaplex hair perfector

I bought this product during the Sephora sale a few weeks ago and let me tell you. It is worth ALL the hype and more! I’ve been using it once a week and have noticed a tremendous difference already with the health (and lack of damage) on my hair! I’m honestly shocked that this product is only $28 because it works SO well and will wonders for your hair. This product will strengthen your hair from within, reduce breakage, and improve the look and feel of your hair. Here’s how I use it: I dump my head over the tub to get my hair wet, towel dry it, and then apply olaplex to my hair. Then I go work out (leaving it on for about an hour), and then after my workout I wash and dry my hair like normal! You rinse the product out, then shampoo + condition like normal. Worth every penny and more!

Fenty bronzer brush

So you guys might know how much I love my Tom Ford bronzer brush, but it is NOT cheap. So during the Sephora sale I was determined to find another great bronzer brush I could share with you guys. After trying out tons of different brushes, I finally found one I love almost as much as the Tom Ford. This Fenty brush hugs your cheek bones perfectly and applies your bronzer so smoothly + evenly!

Colleen Rothschild Clarifying Detox mask

This mask isn’t totally new to me, but I feel like I’ve recently rediscovered it and totally fallen in love! This is one of those good ol’ reliable face masks that you can easily use twice a week if you want to. It essentially gives your skin a deep clean + detox by removing any dirt or impurities trapped within your skin. I love it because even when I’m really on top of my skincare routine, sometimes I feel like I just need a good, deep cleanse. This mask is super gentle on your skin and leaves your face feeling so smooth + refreshed!

Have you guys tried out any of the beauty products above? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts + experience in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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