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Fashion 5 years ago

LTK Day: what it is + why you won't want to miss it!

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably seen me (and several other bloggers) share all about LTK Day. Since this is a brand new sales event, I wanted to dedicate a whole blog post to breaking it down for you: what it is, how you can shop it, and why it’s such an amazing sale! It’s very rare that I dedicate an entire blog post to a sale, so trust me when I say it’s that good!


wrap bracelets will be included in LTK Day!

what even is LTK Day?

Let’s just start with the most obvious question lol. LTK Day is a one day, exclusive sales event that only app users can shop. Most of you already know this, but the app is hands down the easiest way to shop my outfits. Anything you see me post on Instagram is available to shop in the LTK app. Plus, a lot of times I’ll share outfits + beauty details in the LTK app that don’t necessarily make it to my IG feed. So, this Sunday June 23rd some of my favorite brands have collaborated with LTK to bring exclusive sales + discount codes to all app users! These sales will not be available to shop anywhere except through the app.


leggings + bra will be included in LTK Day!

what brands are offering discounts?

Ahh y’all, the list of brands is SO good! It’s amazing because the sale isn’t exclusive to one retailer, but rather a lot of incredible brands are participating in LTK Day. Here’s the full list along with the deals they’re offering (some exclusions apply):


tank + shorts will be included in LTK Day!

how can I shop the sales?

It’s so easy! My feed in the LTK app will be full of photos featuring discounted items from the retailers I listed above. Any photo that you see with a red flag saying “#LTKDay” is a photo that has discounted items. Some photos will be a mix of discounted and full-price items, but those red flags will indicate which ones are discounted!

  • Click on any photo in my feed flagged with the red “#LTKDay” icon. This means some or all items in that photo are included in the LTKDay sale.
  • Within that photo, you’ll be able to see which exact pieces of the outfit/photo are discounted.
  • Click on any item (shoes, top, shorts, etc) with the red flag to get the exclusive promo code.
  • Click “copy promo code”.
  • Click the “shop” button. This will take you to the retailer’s site to shop the item.
  • Paste the promo code at checkout to get your LTKDay discount.

tips for shopping LTK Day

First off, if you haven’t downloaded the app, you have to have it in order to shop the sales. The app is free and it literally takes five seconds to download. Next, you’ll want to “follow” me in the app. Just go to the magnifying glass icon in the bottom right, tap ‘influencer search’ on the right, and then type in laurenkaysims. That will take you to my profile where you’ll click the little ‘follow’ button at the top. Again, this is probably redundant for most of you, but just in case some of you still haven’t downloaded the app. It’s seriously the best! It’s super easy to shop all of my outfit details, daily makeup routine, and so much more!

Right now, I’m working on publishing a TON of content in the LTK app that will be part of the sale. If you see anything in my feed that you want to shop, you can ‘favorite’ the items or create a wishlist. Wishlists are a wonderful, dangerous thing lol. I use them for birthdays and Christmas especially, but they’re also perfect for LTK Day. If you’ve never created a wishlist before, it’s basically an easy way to create a ‘shopping list’ of items you want to save now and buy later (or hint to the hubby to buy haha). I’ll also be sharing a TON of fun stuff on stories for the sale, so be sure to not miss those either!


earrings will be included in LTK Day!

Thank y’all so much for reading! If you have any questions about LTK Day, please ask in the comments below and I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP. Happy Friday!

xo Lauren

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