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Beauty 9 months ago

LKS beauty hits and misses pt 3

Happy Monday friends! So excited for another round of my “hits and misses” series…where I share recent beauty products I’ve tried out and either LOVE or don’t care for. Lots of new “loves” in today’s post, thanks to the recent Sephora sale where I bought lots of new goodies!

Click on the collage below to shop my hits + misses!


Lancome Foundation | Fresh Night Cream | Fenty Glow Primer | Phat Glow Facial Mask | Benefit Mascara | Tula Eye Balm | Glamsquad Dry Shampoo | Fenty Lip Gloss | Fenty Foundation 



  1. Lancome Foundation – Last month, I asked my assistant Martha if she had any new beauty products she’d been loving that I should try out / review for this series. She told me about this lancome foundation she’d been loving, so I decided to give it a try. I don’t know about you, but I don’t change up my foundations very often! I have 2 or 3 that I love and I don’t branch out much from there. But, I trusted her opinion so decided to branch out! Y’ALL IT IS SO GOOD. If you don’t believe me, just CHECK OUT the almost 3,000 reviews on Nordstrom’s site of people raving about it haha. I love this foundation for a few reasons. 1) it stays on ALL day without ever looking cakey or shiney or crackly (for lack of a better word haha). It gives your skin the smoothest finish + feel. I also love that it has SPF in it, and that it’s a full coverage foundation. Idk about you guys, but if I’m going to wear foundation…I want it to be full coverage. I’m all about having “no makeup” days…but when I’m wearing makeup I want it to do its job lol. And I love that this foundation gives really good coverage, but somehow still looks very natural at the same time! If you’ve been needing a new full coverage foundation, definitely give this one a try. I bought this in the shade 370 – TBH though I think it’s a little light for me. This will be a good shade for me once fall/winter rolls around haha.
  2. Fresh Night Cream – I’ve been using this product for a little over a month now and LOVE it. I don’t use it every night. Only when my face is feeling really dry / rough, or if I have a big event the next day! But when I do use it, I make it the last step in my skincare routine and wake up with the most hydrated, dewy, refreshed skin! It is a magical cream that helps detoxify your skin, while minimizing signs of aging so skin recovers while you dream! It feels soooooo good + luxurious every time I apply it.
  3. Fenty Glow Primer – Some of y’all might remember I tried a Fenty primer a few months ago and didn’t love it. I felt like it didn’t do much for my face or with helping my foundation stay on. TBH, I’m not exactly sure if this primer helps my foundation stay on longer, but it is SO hydrating and gives your skin the prettiest glow! You will especially love this primer if you have dry skin. I still love my Tatcha primer so much (and use it all the time), but the Fenty primer gives you more of a “glow” IMO!
  4. Phat Glow Facial Mask – This is another product I decided to try out during the sephora sale because of all the hype I’d heard about it + the amazing reviews. I’m pretty picky when it comes to face masks because I’ve honestly tried so many that do NOTHING for my skin (or worse, dry my skin out / break me out). This mask is almost like getting a facial at home – it has PHAs + Nordic birch sap to exfoliate, illuminate, AND brighten your skin! It’s great for anti-aging and also makes your skin glow! Helps with dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and dryness. I use it once or twice a week and LOVE. It reminds me of the Drunk Elephant babyfacial mask i’m so obsessed with but it’s way less expensive.
  5. Benefit Mascara – Okay I have raved and raved about this on my stories so I won’t go into a ton of detail here. But this is yet another product I bought during the Sephora sale. Up until about 5 months ago, I had lash extensions for about 3 years STRAIGHT! So I NEVER wore mascara. I had to stop getting lash extensions because I developed an allergy to the glue. After that, I was bound and determined to try out a million mascaras and find the best one. I tried out several I really liked…but once I tried the benefit mascara, I knew my search was over haha. It is SO good and hands down the best I’ve tired (out of probably 8 different mascaras). It makes your lashes SO LONG, it almost looks like you’re wearing extensions! I also like the brush on it – it helps separate AND lift your lashes! I use it with the Lancome primer and the combination of these two things is MAGIC. Whenever I shared on stories that I was excited to try out the benefit mascara, hundreds of y’all DM’d me saying that its the best mascara ever and y’all were so right. [FYI – a close second for me is the Lancome mascara!].
  6. Tula ‘rose glow’ eye balm – This product is just launching TODAY which is so exciting AND y’all can get 20% off with my code LAURENSIMS. I’ll be honest, I never hopped on the bandwagon for the original eye balm tula released. I thought it was fine but it didn’t necessarily rock my world, which is why I never shared it with y’all. I just got their new rose glow eye balm in the mail and y’all…IT IS AMAZING and something I want to have with me at all times. I love putting it on first thing in the morning when my eyes are still puffy and tired. I love having it in my gym bag and putting it on after a workout, or when 3 oclock rolls around and your face just looks tired. It is cooling and brightening under your eyes and has SO many great ingredients for that area around your eyes as well – like rose hip oil and hyaluronic acid. [As I’m typing this I just got up to go put some on haha]. You can put it on under or over makeup. Fair warning: you will be addicted and want to buy as many of these as you can before they sell out!


In the above photo, wearing the primer and foundation I talked about above!


wearing the lash primer and mascara I mentioned above!


[I don’t feel a huge need to go into detail about these products because…I just didn’t like them and wouldn’t necessarily recommend them haha].

  1. Glamsquad Dry Shampoo – just straight up didn’t work for me. Didn’t absorb any oil and has a weird smell IMO
  2. Fenty Foundation – I decided to give this a try during the sephora sale [had an associate match me + apply to my skin] and I just didn’t love it. It wasn’t awful by any means but I felt like it didn’t go on very evenly, and gave my skin almost a flat / dull look? Wasn’t for me!
  3. Fenty Lip Gloss – I tried this product out in sephora because it’s ALWAYS on sephora’s best sellers list and has over 9k AMAZING reviews. So, maybe this is just me haha but I was not a fan. The gloss was SO thick and goopy and super “glittery” which I don’t like in a lip gloss. But if you love LOTS of shimmer and glitter on your lips, you might like it! I personally just was not a fan!

Have you guys tried anything that made my list of hits or misses? Share your feedback in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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