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Holiday 5 years ago

my top gift picks from sephora!




Today’s post combines two of my very favorite things: beauty + holiday gifting! I wanted to round up some of my most beloved beauty essentials that I think would make incredible gifts this holiday season. I think beauty products are so fun, but can kind of be a little overwhelming depending on different girls’ styles, etc., so I wanted to pick out things that I think would work for any woman on your list! All of the gift ideas in today’s post are things I have been using for a while and absolutely LOVE!


5 holiday gift ideas for the beauty lover!

  • Fresh Sugar Lip Set: These are my FAVE lip balms that I never leave the house without! They’re super hydrating, have SPF, and give your pout the prettiest touch of sheen + color. I feel like this is the only lip calm that can really keep my lips moisturized during the dry Colorado winter. This set is such an amazing deal because you’re getting a set of six for almost half price. The ‘honey’ shade is my fave, especially this time of year! I think the ornament style packaging is so cute – you almost don’t need to wrap it!
  • Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes Eyeshadow Palette: This is the ultimate holiday eyeshadow palette! The shadows are all so beautiful and subtly glowy, perfect for adding just the right touch of shimmer for any holiday party! I like that the colors aren’t overly pigmented, so you can still have a more neutral look if you want. The palette also has good colors for making a smoky eye too if you want! The case is so pretty too, which makes it a great gift idea in my opinion.
  • Living Proof Dry Shampoo: Okay I realize dry shampoo may not seem like the most obvious gift idea, but just hear me out. This stuff is legit magic and one of my ride or die beauty products. It truly makes your hair cleaner and more volumized, allowing you to go longe between washes without sacrificing how your hair will look/style. This is the perfect gift idea for any new mom, fitness guru, or girl on the go. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love this stuff!
  • Fenty Primer: I’m honestly not sure if I will ever use another primer again lol but really, this stuff is incredible. For the longest time I didn’t really believe primer made a difference because so many that I tried didn’t seem to do anything. This Fenty primer and the Tatcha primer are my two faves. This Fenty primer truly extends how long your makeup will hold up (perfect for a long day or night out!), and it really gives your skin the most natural, radiant glow. I can’t recommend it enough! I feel like this is one of those gifts that’s great for either someone who’s a little newer to makeup and needing a good essential, OR it’s also a great gift for any beauty guru in your life!
  • Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look palette: In case you missed it, I did an IGTV tutorial with this palette because I am that obsessed with it. It’s seriously the best ‘all in one’ palette I’ve ever seen! It has everything from brush + eyeshadow to bronzer + highlighter. It’s compact which makes it ideal for travel. Every shade is beautiful and all tighter they give you the most stunning glowy look! I promise any girl on your list would LOVE this palette. Even on days when I don’t use everything in the palette, I still love having the option to use the blush, bronzer, etc.

This Fresh Sugar Lip set might be one of my favorite finds of the holiday season. It is honestly one of those ‘unicorn’ gift ideas that ANY girl will love! Especially during the winter, I find myself reaching for lip balm more and more throughout the day. The amazing ting about these Fresh Sugar Lip balms is that they provide insane hydration that actually lasts – AKA I don’t have to reapply nearly as often. Plus I love that they’re not only practical with moisturizing your lips, but that they also have the prettiest hint of color and gloss to them as well (without being sticky or dehydrating). I seriously gift these to everyone and it’s always  a hit! Fresh products are some of my faves when it comes to skincare, too.


One reason I love giving beauty items for gifts is that they’re a little more original, but still guaranteed to be a gift someone loves. I feel like every year it can be harder to come up with thoughtful gifts for your family, friends, coworkers, etc. but I have found SO many incredible gift ideas at Sephora. Not only does Sephora have so many adorable gift sets (more on these in a sec!), but they just have so many of my favorite products that I legit can’t live without. I always think it’s so fun to swap beauty fave with my friends and sisters, and these gift ideas are just another way to do that! You can seriously find someone for everything at Sephora. Plus, when you sign up for the Beauty Insider Program, you can earn free rewards + perks as you shop. It’s free to join, too!

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is browse the gift sets available at Sephora. These are what I like to think of as “guaranteed crowd pleasers” and they make my shopping SO easy. Not only are the products amazing, but the presentation + packing are always super adorable and festive! I honestly give these to everyone – my mom, sisters, friends from church, etc. Normally beauty product sets can be pretty pricey, but all of these gift sets allow you to give amazing stuff for a great deal!

In addition to my top gift ideas from Sephora, I also wanted to share a few of my favorite skincare gift ideas from Sephora! We all know skincare can get overwhelming when trying to figure out which products to choose, but these gift sets take all of the guess work out of it for you. Each set is perfectly curated and so beautifully packaged. So, whether you’re shopping for a skincare guru or a total newbie, there’s truly something for everyone! Y’all know I’m slightly obsessed with things skincare and spend way too much time researching it, so I had to include some skincare finds in today’s post too. These products below are some of my favorites + would make amazing gifts this holiday season!



Hopefully today’s post gave you a little inspo as you continue your holiday shopping. I have honestly been obsessed with browsing all of the gift ideas + sets from Sephora, so I was excited to share my top finds in today’s post. Like I said at the beginning of the post, these are all products I personally use and love, and definitely think would be such incredible gift ideas for anyone on your list. Thanks so much for reading!

This post was created in collaboration with Sephora. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

xo Lauren

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