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Fashion wellness 6 months ago

my lululemon favorites!


Okay y’all. Let’s be real. Lululemon has become my uniform and I’m not ashamed to admit it haha. [Also just want to throw out there that this post is not sponsored in any way shape or form! Not that that makes a difference at all…but I know to some of you it does!]. Anyway! I practically live in Lululemon for both my workouts and my everyday life. Whether I’m in a workout class, going for a walk around the neighborhood with Shiloh, hopping on an airplane, or running errands…chances are you can find me in Lululemon lol. So today I thought it might be helpful for you guys if I broke down all of my Lululemon favorites – whether it’s for working out (high intensity vs low intensity) or everyday life!

For size reference, I am 5’7 and wear a size 4 in almost everything at Lululemon.

Lululemon favorites: fitness

The ‘all tied up tank‘ has become one of my top 3 favorite tanks from lulu. The material is really breathable and I love that you can tie it in the back to make it as short or as long as you want! You can wear it as a crop top, or wear it long. I love this for orange theory / shred415 classes!

The fast & free tight are my OG original favorite tights from lululemon for any high intensity / cardio workout (think: sweaty spin classes, running, etc). They legit feel like you are wearing NOTHING. They are SO breathable, even during the sweatiest workout, but they don’t show sweat! I also LOVE that they have a side pocket. I own these in at least 6 colors now (no exaggeration) and wear them to almost every workout class. They also hold up extremely well – even my tights that I’ve had for a few years now (and worn hundreds of times) are in great condition!

Favorite bras from Lululemon

Lululemon favorites: everyday


wearing the boyfriend tee and the align legging above as well!

The “on my level” tote became another Lululemon favorite of mine in 2019! This is my go-to bag if I’m going to work at a coffee shop, going to the gym, or if I’m out and about with Shiloh and have a decent amount of stuff to carry around. This bag holds SO much stuff but also has great compartments / pockets in it so you can keep your stuff organized! And I LOVE how it looks! I have the large sixe (the 30L) but it comes in a smaller size if you don’t need quite this much space!

Y’all I can’t even put into words how much I LOVE the ‘on the fly’ pant! Like I said above, I wear my align leggings almost every single day…but let’s be honest, there are some days where you just shouldn’t wear leggings haha. And on those days, you can find me in the on the fly pant! They’re basically like wearing sweatpants but somehow look a little more cool and put together. They are the perfect pant to travel in because they can be dressed up or down. They don’t wrinkle at all and they are SO insanely comfortable! I have these in two colors and wear them ALL the time!

I talked about the perfectly oversized crew (also available here) at the beginning of the post but just in case you skipped over that lol…this is 100% a lululemon must-have for me. You guys see me wearing this on my stories ALL the time because it’s “perfectly oversized” lol, really cozy but not too hot. It has an athletic look to it so it’s perfect for throwing on going to and from the gym. I also love the “all yours” crew which is available in more colors right now. But I sized up in the all yours crew to get a looser fit (I got a size medium).

Whew! I legit just walked you guys though my uniform I rotate through day in and day out haha. I’d love to hear from you guys!! What are your lululemon favorites that I need to try out? What am I missing?

Thanks for reading! Hope you snag some goodies from this post!!


xo Lauren

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