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Beauty 4 years ago

skincare for beginners: building your routine pt 2



Last week I started a series called “skincare for beginners” and was SO happy with all the positive feedback I got from you guys about it! (If you didn’t see lat week’s post, check that out here. It’s all about how to create a skincare routine and what products you need in that routine!). I wanted to continue that series today with a “part 2” in building your routine. Last week I shared the 3 products / ingredients I think every single person should have in their skincare routine (vitamin C, SPF, and retinol). Today I want to share what products I would add in next. In my opinion, those first 3 products are non-negotiable and beyond that…what products you use can kind of vary depending on your skin type, concerns etc. BUT! I do think it’s so important to have a good eye cream, and good exfoliating products in your routine! So those are the two things we’ll chat through today! [Again, keep in mind, I am not a dermatologist or an expert by any means. This is just what I have found to be true after talking to lots of experts, researching products, and in my own skincare journey].



I could go into SO much detail about exfoliators and there are so many different types, but I’d like to try and keep this as simple as possible! Basically, you need to be exfoliating your skin.

Generally speaking, a well formulated exfoliant should: Make skin smoother and eliminate dry, rough patches, increase cell turnover rate, allow other skin care products to work better, and help fade signs of sun damage, including wrinkles.

– Beautypedia

There are exfoliating face washes, masks, serums, etc so I’m going to share a few of my favorites with you! Exfoliating serums that have AHAs + BHAs in them will help resurface your skin, help with uneven skin texture, breakouts, and more.

My favorite exfoliating products


You definitely don’t need all of those products in your routine by any means. I would suggest getting the exfoliating cleanser to use a few times a week [one bar will last you months and months], and one of the serums to use every night. [Or, you can use the Vintner’s Daughter product morning and night]. I just gave you lots of options depending on what brands you like, your price point etc!



Eye cream

The skin around your eyes is so thin and delicate and definitely requires different treatment than the rest of your skin. Finding a good eye cream is super important because it’s one of the first places women show signs of aging! Sharing my 3 favorite eye creams right now below!


So between last week’s post and today’s…now you should have a pretty comprehensive, well-rounded skincare routine! Next week I want to answer TONS of your skincare questions! Again I’m not an expert but I really love researching ingredients and talking with experts and can also speak from my own experiences! So leave ANY skincare question you have below and I’ll round up lots of those questions to answer in next week’s post.

Thanks for reading!


xo Lauren

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