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Fashion 4 years ago

5 ways to reset this weekend


I don’t know about you guys but something about this week just did me in! Maybe coming back after memorial day weekend was a challenge or maybe i just had too much on my plate this week. But I feel like my stress and anxiety has been high so I’m looking forward to a few days to just reset. So, in case you’ve been feeling the same way…today I wanted to share 5 ideas to help you recharge + reset this weekend! As I write these ideas though…just know I’m preaching them to myself as well! Taking time to rest / breathe is never easy for me, so writing out this blog post is challenging me to actually follow through with these tips and allow my mind and body to rest this weekend.


5 Way To Reset This Weekend

  1. Limit screen time as much as possible. Did you know you can actually set up screen time limits on your iPhone?! It’s actually very helpful. For example, if you want to work on putting your phone away during dinner time (6pm to 8pm) you can set up that ‘boundary’ so to speak in your settings! You can also cap the amount of time you spend on instagram or other apps you feel like are time sucks for you. But…whether you set up these parameters on your phone or not…if you’re feeling a strong need to rest and recharge, put your phone away as much as possible this weekend. Leave it on your bedside table and enjoy your day without scrolling on instagram or getting distracted by other apps / texts / notifications etc. Being glued to your phone at all times, staring at a screen all day, constantly responding to notifications can really drain your energy and also distract you from just living life in the moment! Put your phone away and focus on being present with yourself or the people you’re around. I think you’ll find it to be so life-giving.
  2. Connect with one of your favorite humans. Maybe it’s your husband, or your mom, or your best friend. Maybe it’s over dinner or over a zoom call or a walk around the lake. But I want to encourage you guys to carve out specific time this weekend to connect with someone, in more than a ‘chit chat’ type of way. If it’s with your husband over dinner one night – maybe tell him “I’ve been feeling really bogged down this week. Is it okay if I just kind of unload on you for a sec?” Or maybe call your mom and say “I could use some prayer in ___ area of my life right now.” OR…just call a friend and say “I miss you and want to hear about what’s going on in your life right now. How can I be praying for you?” Make time to have real, raw conversation with one of your favorite humans. Maybe unload what’s been making you anxious, maybe ask THEM how you can pray for them. Regardless…have a heart to heart with someone this weekend. So good for the sou and also helps bring so much perspective!


3. Self care Sunday. I love the idea of blocking off time once a week to take your self care routine to the next level! Even if you only block off 30 minutes out of your Sunday…take some time to just take care of yourself! Put on your favorite face mask while you lay on the couch reading a good fiction book. Or light some candles, pour a glass of wine and take a bubble bath while you let a hair mask soak in your hair! Whether it’s nail painting, face mask, hair mask, bubble bath, massage etc…give your face / skin / body some extra love this weekend!

4. Get outside. I know this one sounds so basic but really, getting some vitamin D is SO good for the soul! If you have access to a pool…even better! Take time this weekend to go for a walk with your family (without your phone) or go for a run on one of your favorite trails! If you have access to a pool or lake…make yourself a yummy drink and go lay by the pool for an hour or so. Time outdoors (without your phone) will honestly do wonders in helping you reset your mind and body!

5. Pray.

Do not worry about anything. Instead, Pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for what He has done.

Philippians 4:6

I don’t know where you stand on religious / spiritual things, but for me…nothing is more powerful in battling anxiety or helping me rest than prayer. Take a moment this weekend, maybe wake up 30mins earlier than your baby…and just pour your heart out to God. Tell him exactly what’s been stressing you out or making you sad or whatever it is that’s been weighing on you. Lay it down at His feet because He is such a good Father or deeply loves His children. He WANTS to hear those things from you and help lift the burden. He hears us when we call to Him and He is so powerful to help us, and so loving to comfort us.


So whatever plans you have this weekend…I hope you guys take time to recharge and allow your body the rest it needs! I know it’s not easy (any other 3 enneagrams out there?), but learn to think of rest as productive…and it might help you with these 5 tips. Your mind and your body deserve to go into next week feeling empowered and strong…so take the time this weekend to unwind! I hope it’s FUN for you and that amazing conversations come out of it and glowy skin and fun time in the sun and a really special time with God.

What are some things you do to recharge? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Friday!

xo Lauren

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