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Fashion 4 years ago

my current morning routine


Over the last 6ish weeks, I’ve faced a lot of challenges with this quarantine situation just like all of you guys have. BUT something I have actually enjoyed about it is the new morning routine I’ve created over the last 6 weeks while I don’t have any other options other than to just be home every single morning (as opposed to traveling or going to a different workout class etc). So today I wanted to share my simple (but really helpful) morning routine I’ve been doing every single day!




A lot of you guys have asked me how I get myself to wake up so early and the truth is…I am a weirdo. I legitimately cannot sleep past 6am most mornings during the week. So I actually don’t even set an alarm and naturally wake up around 5:30am every weekday. I roll out of bed in these extremely cozy Jockey pajama pants, brush my teeth, and head downstairs to the kitchen to make my morning coffee. I add a little bit of a Nutpod creamer and my collagen, and cozy up on the couch with my devotional, Bible, and journal. I know 5:30am seems SO early but there’s something so magical about being awake before the rest of the house is up. My phone isn’t blowing up yet. The house is quiet. And I can truly just focus on reading and being present in the moment – mentally, spiritually, and emotionally preparing for the day ahead.

I love cozying up on the couch in some of my favorite Jockey pieces like these pajama pants and my favorite bralette . I love wearing this bralette on its own, under a cardigan, or under t-shirts! SO comfortable and still gives good support! Definitely something you will want to own in multiple colors!



After I drink my coffee and spend time in the Word and in prayer…I change into a workout outfit like these leggings + sports bra and get ready for my morning workout! I usually start working out around 6:30am. I can do another blog post soon on what my workout routine looks like if y’all would be interested in that…but I’m currently working out probably 6 days a week – doing mostly strength training workouts and one or 2 days a week I’ll do a more cardio-focused workout like a peloton ride or go for a run! I really like this sports bra for both spin classes and weight training. I’d say it’s a mid-impact sports bra, and I really like the coverage it provides!

I typically workout from 6:30-7:30 and then Shiloh wakes up after that! Another part of my morning routine is finishing my 32oz water bottle before getting Shiloh up, after I’m done with my workout! (I drink some during the workout, and then try and finish it after the workout). Next I get Shiloh up around 7:30, make her breakfast, and we play for a while until Michael wakes up. Michael starts “dad duty” around 9am which is when I’ll then go rinse off, do my morning skincare routine, come make breakfast for Michael and myself, and then get my work started for the day! Every now and then Shiloh will sleep past 7:30 and if that’s the case…I like to get outside for maybe 15minutes after my workout and just go for a quick walk around our block. Getting fresh air in the morning always helps get my mind right for the day! Also, I try and do my best during this morning routine to look at my phone as little as possible between 5:30 and 8am. I like to start my day off screen free if possible and just focus on getting myself in a good headspace for the day!


I’ve been a huge fan of Jockey for years now, but they’ve become even MORE a part of my everyday life while we’re all working from home, working out at home etc! Their loungewear and activewear are such great quality for really good prices! These pajama pants have been on repeat for me lately because they’re SO comfortable, I love how light and flowy they are, and the fit is so good!


Has your morning routine changed over these last 6ish weeks? What are some morning habits you swear by? Share in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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