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Family Fashion 9 months ago

ways to show mom you love her this mother's day


Happy Friday and happy May 1st! Mother’s Day is just over 1 week away and I know Mother’s Day will probably look a lot different for all of us this year. So today I wanted to share just a few simple ideas of ways you can still show mom you love her, even if you’re not physically going to be with her on Mother’s Day this year!



Never under estimate the power of a card

Even if you can’t go to the store right now, get out a piece of paper and put into words how much you love and appreciate your mama! If you have kids / babies, get them to write something or draw something on there as well! Shiloh obviously can’t write yet but we’ll let her scribble a little something on there for my mom haha even if it’s just as a memory / documenting our peanut at 18 months old, “writing” a letter to her Pippa. If you aren’t going to physically see your mom…you can use this card as part of a little care package you can deliver to her doorstep if you live in the same city as her! (Or, you can obviously mail the package if you don’t live in the same city!). Words are SO powerful and even if cards seem old school or cliche…never under estimate hoow uplifting and encouraging words can be. Use them to brighten your mama’s Mother’s Day and make her feel truly loved.



Get her something she will really love (and use!)

I feel like moms can be a little tricky to shop for because let’s be honest…moms love to shop and tend to buy lots of things for themselves already haha. I don’t know about your mom, but one store I can ALWAYS count on for great gifts for my mom is Lululemon! My mom enjoys working out and going for walks so I know I can always find her amazing fitness apparel at Lululemon that she’ll love. But, she also likes to travel, play with her grandbabies, lounge around the house, etc…and Lululemon also has the perfect selection for lifestyle activities as well! So whether your mom is into fitness or not…I can almost guarantee you will find something at Lululemon she will love!

I’ve rounded up some Mother’s Day gift ideas in the collage below! You can click on any product in the collage to shop!




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Hand deliver her package

If you aren’t planning on physically seeing your mom on Mother’s Day, make her a little care package you can leave on her doorstep! Buy her her favorite flowers, wrap up the gift and the card, and leave it on her doorstep! I think this adds a much more personal touch vs just shipping a box (again, if you are able to and in the same city as your mom). Just picture her response when she opens the door and sees the surprise you left for her on her doorstep! I think it will mean the world to her and really brighten her day!



What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year? I feel like all holidays right now seem a little tainted with what’s going on in the world. So let’s all do our best to really cherish our mamas this Mother’s Day and make them feel so loved and appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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