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Fashion Fitness + Health 10 months ago

the lks skinny marg + other favorites!


Happy Cinco de Mayo! I am SO excited to share with you guys what I believe is the PERFECT skinny margarita! I’m not gonna lie to you guys. I’m pretty high maintenance / hard to please when it comes to margaritas haha. I don’t like when they are too sweet or syrupy tasting. I want them to be really fresh, light, refreshing, and limey. I’ve been playing around with ratios for a while now and finally achieved what I think is the perfect skinny margarita recipe!




I’ll share the recipe with you guys in a sec but a few things to note:

  • this is kind of a baseline recipe! so feel free to tweak it to your liking. like i said, i don’t like my margaritas very sweet so I just add a TINY bit of agave. but if you like yours more sweet, add more agave.
  • one of my fave parts about this margarita is the salt mixture in the rim! you don’t HAVE to have this for your marg, but I definitely think it takes it up a notch!
  • the recipe says to use one whole lime…but i’ll typically add in a little more lime juice on top of that (even if its not necessarily freshly squeezed).

So without further adue…here it is! Feel free to save this image / pin it / make it / tag me on stories etc!


for more of my fave recipes leave your email here!

I also wanted to share a few more margarita recipes with you guys, in case you need some more ideas for Cinco de Mayo!



xo Lauren

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