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Fashion 4 years ago

being intentional with your spouse at home


Like all of you guys, Michael and I have spent A LOT more time at home in 2020. During quarantine, we had to come up with creative ways to still be intentional with our time together + in our relationship since we couldn’t really depend on fun events or date nights at a nice restaurant. Even now that things in Texas have started opening back up again, we’ve really learned to LOVE our time at home together and found new ways to still focus on our marriage and pursue each other, even at home on the most mundane of weeknights! Today I wanted to share a few simple ways you can be intentional with your spouse, from the comfort of your own home with no plans!


Before quarantine, I never really considered myself a “game” type of person haha. I liked games here and there with a group of people, but Michael and I rarely played games on a regular basis, just the two of us. And now we LOVE them and play a game almost every night! After we put Shiloh to bed, we’ll both change into some comfy loungewear from Jockey, sometimes make a cheeseboard and open a bottle of wine, and play a game for half an hour or so. It’s just a fun way to wind down after the work day, connect with each other, and unplug a bit! Some of our favorite games you can play with two players: Unstable Unicorns (it seems complicated at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s SO fun!), Qwixx, and we just got a new one called Tacos vs Burritos haha. We also got another card game (although, I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a game) called “Our Moments” and have loved that! It’s basically just a bunch of question cards that help start really great conversations with your spouse!

Over the last year or so, Michael and I have both kept saying “we should read more”, and it pretty much stopped there haha. But during quarantine, we’ve both intentionally made more time to read (together) and it’s been awesome! For us, reading wasn’t something that was just going to happen. We had to intentionally carve out time to read at night…otherwise we’d end up just turning on another show or I would work or we’d do our own things. Intentionally making time to read with your spouse – especially when you’re reading a book on marriage or parenting together…can be such a powerful thing and bring you closer in so many new ways. It might require a little more effort than turning on a Netflix show, but I promise, you will see the fruit of your labor!


Another activity Michael and I have grown to love doing together is cooking dinner! I will typically be the one to find the recipe and then after we put Shiloh down for the night, we’ll turn on some music and both make dinner together! I’ve never considered myself a good cook so I was kind of surprised how much we really enjoy doing this! It’s a great way to connect at the end of your day, talk about your day together, and create a yummy meal! It’s a really fun date night activity you can do at home…and work on your cooking skills at the same time!

On these cozy nights at home, there’s nothing better than changing into some of my favorite comfies from Jockey. I actually stole this men’s crewneck t-shirt from Michael because it’s SO comfy and I love how big it is! I am also OBSESSED with these “skimmies” and borderline live in them both in and out of the house. I love lounging in them because they’re SO soft, but they’re also great to wear underneath dresses or rompers that kind of show every line if you know what I mean. They help just smooth everything out and offer good support too! I have them in black and nude, and the nude is a great option to wear underneath a dress that might be a little sheer! Seriously, every girl needs these in her wardrobe.

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What are some ways you and your spouse are intentional with your time together at home? Favorite activities? Shows? Comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading!

This post was created in collaboration with Jockey. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

xo Lauren

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