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Beauty 4 years ago

12 beauty favs under $30



Let’s be honest: beauty products can add up REAL fast if you also have a weak spot for hair, skincare, and makeup products. I have products I love and use everyday that range from $7, all the way up to the hundreds. If you’re needing to spruce up your beauty routine but don’t want to spend a ton of money…today’s post is for you! I’m sharing 12 of my favorite / everyday beauty products that are all less than $30!

Tula brightening eye balm

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve heard me rave about this brightening eye balm hundreds of times, and you probably own it yourself too haha. I am NEVER without this eye balm – I keep one in my bathroom, in my purse, in my car, gym bag etc. You can wear it under makeup or over makeup or without makeup at all. This balm has a cooling effect which helps de-puff underneath your eyes and it also brightens your dark circles! It also has probiotics and superfoods in it so you’re treating the skin at the same time! You can get 15% off all Tula products with code LAURENSIMS


Tula face filter blurring primer

I did some stories on this primer earlier this week showing you guys the crazy difference it makes in giving you smooth glowy skin! (The primer is not under $30 full price, BUT if you use my code LAURENSIMS that will bring it to under $30!) This is one of my favorite products for no makeup days – it moisturizes your skin, blurs imperfections and just gives your skin a pretty smooth/even finish. You can also wear it under makeup but I personally love wearing it on its own.


Bille wonder wipes

These $9 wipes are my absolute FAVORITE makeup removing wipes I’ve ever used. I love them because they get off ALL my makeup without drying my skin. They also have hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in them which will help to hydrate and brighten your skin!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

I have tried dozens of dry shampoos, and for YEARS keep coming back to this dry shampoo by living proof. I love that it actually eliminates sweat and oil in your hair and truly makes it feel SO clean! Other dry shampoos leave some weird residue look / feel to your hair and this one does not! I also like that it gives a little volume to my hair. I’ve found a few other dry shampoos that I like okay…but none of them compare to my obsession with this one!

Glow gummies

I’m not gonna lie to you guys…from a scientific standpoint, I am not 100% sure on how exactly these gummies can give you brighter skin haha BUT so many of you guys comment on how my skin is ‘glowing’ and I actually think these help! These gummy vitamins of hyaluronic acid and vitamin c in them…aaand they kind of taste like you’re eating candy! I have two of these every single day!

Too Faced concealer

I’ve posted about this concealer dozens of times now, but it has become my new go-to concealer for the past 2 or 3 months (ish). prior to that I only used Tarte shape tape which I still love. But this Too Faced concealer won me over! It majorly conceals dark circles and stays on ALL DAY. It feels more hydrating under your eyes. And you can use it as a highlighter as well!

Necessaire natural deodorant

I have tried out my fair share of natural deodorants…which almost all of them left me very unimpressed (and somewhat stinky haha). This deodorant by necessaire is the absolute best natural deodorant I have ever tried! I love the fresh, subtle eucalyptus scent, and of course the all natural + clean ingredients!


Tarte lipstick

Prior to finding this tarte lipstick…I pretty much ONLY used Mac or Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks (both of which I still love). But ever since I tried out this Tarte lipstick…I now have 3 brands in my makeup bag! I love the finish, the colors are all so pretty and it stays on a long time, without staining your lips! I have this in ‘salt lyfe’ and ‘colada’ and love both of those shades!

The original beauty blender

This is a product that’s been in my makeup bag for years and years now and I think it’s essential in every girls makeup routine. A damp beauty blender can apply foundation, concealer, and most importantly…help blend everything beautifully! I can’t imagine doing my makeup without this!

Olaplex bonding oil

I use this bonding oil every single time I wash my hair and it’s made a tremendous difference in the health of my hair. This oil will help strengthen and hydrate your hair without weighing it down!

12 beauty products under $30

You can click or tap on any product below to shop!


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Have you guys tried any of these beauty products out? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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