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Fashion 4 years ago

my 5 favorite summer starbucks drinks


Okay y’all I don’t know what the deal is this summer, but recently my starbucks addiction has been slightly out of control haha. I think because it’s SO hot, so these iced coffee drinks just hit the SPOT. I’ve also become obsessed with tweaking ratios to find the perfect mix of delicious, refreshing, caffeine, but not TOO sweet or sugary, if that makes sense! I’ve tried out a bunch of different combinations so today I thought I’d share my 5 favorites with you guys! These are my go-to iced starbucks orders!


Iced starbucks order #1

This is the only non-coffee order I’m including in today’s roundup but probably my favorite drink! I have become obsessed with matcha this summer and this drink is SO delicious. Here’s how i order my matcha latte:

Iced Grande Matcha Latte

With almond milk

2 scoops matcha (starbucks usually does 3 scoops matcha in a grande, and their matcha has alot of sweetener in it haha)

+1 pump sugar free vanilla

Light ice (because i want more liquid haha)

I loved this drink so much that I decided I needed to figure out how to make it at home so I could stop paying $4 for it every single day haha. I like my at home recipe ALMOST as much as Starbucks’s…and like that the matcha I use is actually a healthier alternative to the one Starbucks uses. Here’s my at home recipe if you want to try it out!



Iced starbucks order #2

Nitro Cold Brew with light sweet cream

This drink is loaded with caffeine haha so if you’re REALLY needing a pick-me-up, you will love this one. This drink usually comes like ‘nitro cold brew with sweet cream’, but I found that one too sweet for my personal taste! So I just ask for light sweet cream. SO yummy!

Iced starbucks order #3

Iced grande cappuccino with almond milk + 1 pump sugar free vanilla

This is a newer combo for me that I have been LOVING (it’s what I’m drinking in these photos). It’s light and foamy and cold and delicious haha. Not too sweet at all but still has a great taste / flavor! This is probably my favorite drink right now!


Iced starbucks order #4

This one is kind of complicated to order but here’s how you’ll do it:

Grande iced coffee, unsweet

+ 1 pump sugar free vanilla

+ 1 pump sugar free cinnamon dolce

+ light cream

This tastes DELICIOUS. I love the combo of vanilla with cinnamon! But, since you’re just doing 1 pump of each I don’t think it’s too sweet at all. And ‘light’ cream just means a little bit of cream haha. Someone asked me the other day if that meant like ‘non-fat’ or something. It doesn’t haha. just regular half and half!


Iced Starbucks Order #5

Iced flat white with almond milk + 1 pump caramel syrup

I love flat whites – they are similar to lattes but they have a higher proportion of coffee to milk (whereas lattes have slightly more milk). I always get flat whites in the colder months and recently decided to try it out iced…and it’s so YUMMY! Love adding just 1 pump of caramel syrup for a little bit of sweet!

What are some of your favorite iced coffee drink combinations?! Comment below! I’d love to try them out! If you try any of these orders, definitely tag me on stories and let me know what you thought!

Happy Friday!

xo Lauren

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