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Beauty 4 years ago

current hair must-haves


It’s been a while since I’ve updated you guys on my hair must-haves, and a few of them have changed recently now that I have extensions! So today I am walking you through all of the hair products I have in my bathroom at ALL times!



If you’ve been following me for a while, most of these products are ones I’ve shared before and been using for years! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it you know? Over the years I have tried TONS of different shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoos etc and the products I’m sharing with you guys today are what I continue to come back to time and time again!



my favorite haircare products: why I like them + what I use them for


gold lust pre shampoo moisture treatment

This stuff is pricy but has made the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE in keeping my hair healthy and strong, even with color, heat etc. It truly helps nourish each strand of hair and also protect against damage. I apply this on dry hair before shampooing – leave it on for about 15-30 minutes, and then rinse and shampoo and condition like normal. This stuff is INTENSE so a little bit goes a long way and don’t put it on your roots, or you will have very oily hair haha (learned that the hard way)

gold lust repair + restore shampoo & conditioner

The entire gold lust line from oribe is truly amazing at keeping your hair as healthy and strong as possible. This shampoo and conditioner will also make your hair so shiny and soft and is SUPER hydrating! Ashley who did my extensions recommended I don’t use gold lust on the extensions since it has SO much protein in it haha (which can affect the extensions somehow) but this is for sure my go-to shampoo and conditioner when I don’t have extensions in. With my extensions I have just been using Oribe’s signature shampoo which I have been loving.

gold lust nourishing hair oil

I love to use this hair oil on dry hair actually – like the day AFTER washing it, to prevent my ends from drying out! I love that it’s super lightweight and doesn’t make your hair oily at all – just restores it to its healthiest prime!

dry texturizing spray

Okay I hate how expensive this texturizing spray is but I can honestly say…it is the best of the best. I have tried countless texturizing sprays and none of them compare to this one IMO. I use this spray EVERY time I curl my hair, after brushing through the curls to give my hair volume and texture. It gives you more of a textured / piecy wave look vs stiff curls! I also love that you don’t FEEL the spray in your hair at all – your hair doesn’t feel sticky or stiff or weighed down with this texturizing spray!

This one by living proof is slightly less expensive and is probably my second favorite! I love the volume it adds to your hair!


balm d’Or heat styling shield

This is the heat protectant my hair colorist Charleigh recommended to me years back and I’ve never strayed away from it! I love how lightweight it is, so it doesn’t weigh my hair down, and it protects AND nourishes fragile hair. This is a must-have in every hair routine IMO!

perfect hair day dry shampoo

Another product that I have tested probably 15 different types of…and the living proof dry shampoo comes out on top every time. You guys always ask me how I get away with working out so much and then not washing my hair and my answer is…this dry shampoo haha. It actually eliminates sweat, oil, and odor from your hair and truly makes your hair look and feel so clean! I also feel like it adds a little bit of volume and texture to my hair!

supersonic hair dryer

This was a major splurge item for me about 2 years ago and I have never ONCE regretted it slash recommend it to every one I know haha. Now anytime we travel or I’m at someone else’s house…I dread having to use any blow dryer other than this one. It is stupid expensive for a blow dryer but let me tell ya…it works like magic. This blow dryer dries my hair INSANELY fast (even my extensions) and it also protects your hair from extreme heat damage. I also feel like my hair is SO shiny and soft after using this blow dryer, vs other ones that just leave it kinda poofy and frizzy. If you’ve been on the fence with this blow dryer…I cannot recommend it enough!


wet brush original detangler

This is the hair brush I have been using for probably 5 years now! In my opinion it is the BEST brush for detangling your hair without any pulling or damage! I feel like I have one in like every room of our house haha.

smooth operator round brush

This round brush is a must-have for a good blowout! It helps make my hair really soft and smooth but also gives a lot of volume! I like the largest size because I think it makes drying your hair a lot faster and easier, and also gives more volume up top!

long barrel curling iron

I’ve been raving about this curling iron for a while now. I’ve tried the T3 and the GHD (both of which I love!) and this one is HANDS DOWN my favorite. The long barrel makes it super easy to create easy curls / waves, and my curls stay for DAYS with this curling iron. It also uses nanoionics minerals to hydrate and condition hair with multi-level heat control to condition your hair and make it shiny!

sugar bear hair gummy vitamins

I’m always trying out new hair gummies to help my hair grow faster! I took sugar bear hair gummies a few years ago and 1) loved how they tasted haha and 2) definitely saw an increase in my hair growth rate! I’ve tried a few other ones the past few months but just re-ordered sugar bear because I feel like they worked the best! I love that they not only have biotin but also Vitamin D, B-12, folic acid and vitamin A!


Whew! I think that covers my absolute hair essentials. I have a lot of other products I rotate between depending on what my hair is needing…but these are the ones that I have on hand NO MATTER WHAT!

What are some must-haves in your hair routine? Comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading!

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xo Lauren

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