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Fashion 3 years ago

you have a choice

Most of you guys probably know that 95% of my blog posts / content is planned out ahead of time. Yesterday’s ‘fall lipstick’ post was put on the calendar about a month ago. My process looks like brainstorming content ideas, asking you guys what you want to see from me…and then putting all of those topics onto the calendar.

Every now and then though, I have a day like today which was blank. I like to leave days blank every now and then because it forces me to really think about ‘what do I want to write about today?’. I took photos in this amazing fall sweater I’ve been loving and thought about writing about that. But then I thought “nah. I want to do a post on what’s been on my heart this week.”


I shared the book Get Out of Your Head a few months ago on my stories – I read it this summer and God has honestly used it to change my life – no exaggeration! You know when you read a really great book though and then a month or so goes by and you’re like…wait, what was that book about? Why did I love it? How did it change me?

There’s a certain phrase in this book that has stuck with me, that I repeat to myself on almost a daily basis that I want to share with you guys today…because it’s been so powerful in my life!


The entire premise of the book is based on ‘stopping the spiral of toxic thoughts’. All of us have dozens, hundreds of toxic thoughts that pop into our brains every single day. Even if they don’t seem ‘toxic’, if you dwell on that thought or act on that thought etc…it can end up spiraling you into a place you never wanted to be in. I don’t know about you guys but I feel like my mind races with hundreds of different thoughts all day long. About my to-do list, work, being a mom, my body, insecurities, fears, doubts, etc. A lot of these thoughts are healthy and creative and fruitful and beautiful. And alot of these thoughts, when not ‘taken captive’, can end up spiraling me into an anxious mess.

Jennie Allen says in her book that the one interrupting thought that can shift all others is I have a choice. “And there is one reason that is true. It’s because Jesus first chose us. It’s because He busted down the door and rescued us in His beauty and kindness.”

When my thoughts can start spiraling into places I know they shouldn’t go (ie: I should’ve dropped Shiloh off at school I’m an awful mom. Why do my jeans feel so tight? I don’t like how I look today. I have so much to do, I’m so behind, there’s not enough time in the day etc etc)…When I have those thoughts now, I stop myself immediately and say “I have a choice“. And I CHOOSE to stop toxic thoughts before they spiral out of control. I not only choose to STOP the toxic thoughts but I also instead to claim TRUTH. I remind myself of how infinitely and perfectly loved I am by Jesus. That He is so much stronger and greater than anything I am facing.


I just want to encourage you guys today if you ever feel like you are stuck in a pattern of unhealthy thoughts, or that your thoughts are making you feel anxious or alone or insecure…let me remind you, to remind yourself that you have a choice. Choose to stop toxic thoughts dead in their tracks and don’t give them one SECOND of your attention or energy.

You have a choice because Jesus first chose YOU. And because He is living in us, our thoughts have NO power over us. Because of Christ in YOU, you have the power to stop your toxic thoughts every single day and choose TRUTH instead! And choosing to claim truth will lead to a much more free, joy-filled, beautiful life than dwelling even for one second on a thought that is toxic to your mental / physical health.


I’ll give you guys a personal example of how this mantra has helped me. I was in the shower yesterday and had a thought pop into my brain that in and of itself was not necessarily a bad thought. But that thought led to another, led to another, led to another and before I knew it…these thoughts were making me feel SO stressed while I was just standing in the shower shaving! So in that moment I literally said outloud, “no. I have a choice. I’m choosing to not spiral down that road” and prayed that God would help shift my focus and perspective. And instantly felt lighter and freed up from that anxiety.



All that to say…if any of you guys feel like you struggle with anxiety or loneliness or insecurity or whatever your issue might be….know that your thoughts are so powerful. What you let come into your brain, what you dwell on, makes such a tremendous impact on the decisions you make, how you feel that day, your relationships, and everything else. So, let’s choose to have thoughts that lead to life and freedom and joy and peace. And the SECOND a toxic thought pops into your head, remind yourself: I have a choice, because Jesus first chose me.

Thanks for reading y’all! I know this isn’t my typical fashion or beauty post but just wanted to share something that’s been a powerful tool in helping me live with more freedom and joy!

Happy weekend!

xo Lauren

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