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Fashion 9 months ago

5 little things that make me happy


We’ve all heard that practicing gratitude, writing out what you’re thankful for everyday is such a healthy and life-giving habit to get into. It really does help put everything into perspective and daily reminds you how much you have to be thankful for. No matter what kind of day you had! Similar to that…I think it’s really important to take joy in the little things. Be mindful of little things throughout your day that make you happy, instead of constantly blitzing from one thing on your to-do list to the next. Today I thought I’d share a few little things that are making me happy right now, in my day to day life!



One. “Mama”

I’ve shared on my stories that Shiloh has been waking up especially early the past few weeks. This can be frustrating because mornings used to be my me time. That’s when I would spend time with Jesus, get a workout in, drink my coffee in silence haha before the rest of the house got up. That hasn’t been happening lately since she’s been waking up early. BUT…every morning when she wakes up (whether it’s at 6am or 8am) and I hear her say “MAMAAAA”…my heart always gets a little flutter (even if I’m frustrated that she woke up early haha). The fact that I have a daughter is truly the greatest blessing in the world and anytime I hear her say “MAMA”…it just makes me so happy. I can’t believe I have a daughter who calls me mama. That might sound silly or so simple to a lot of pe0ple, but…it truly makes me happy.

Two. Dinner delivery

We’ve been really good about grocery shopping and cooking at home lately. We either cook at home or eat leftovers I’d say 5 nights a week! One night a week we will go out to eat and then one night we will get something delivered. I LOVE these nights! For the most part we eat dinner at the same time as Shiloh, but on these dinner delivery nights…we will eat a little bit later (after we put her down for the night) and it really feels like a special date night at home! We will usually pour a glass of wine and either play a game while we eat dinner or just have good one on one conversation. I look forward to these nights almost even more than going out to eat!


Three. Yoga

I’ve been trying to incorporate more low intensity workouts into my routine – listening to my body and being okay with a workout that doesn’t involve getting super sweaty. I’ve done yoga a few times over the past few weeks and’s very challenging for me! When I think of “working out” I prefer to get my heart rate up and sweat a lot. Yoga really forces me to slow down, breathe, stretch, and move my body in a way that I don’t typically move it. I’m not great at yoga but the practice of it has been making me really happy lately and I hope to keep it up!



Four. Family Bible verse

Our church handed out these monthly Bible verse cards at the beginning of January with a wooden holder to put it in. So, there’s a Bible verse for January, a different one for February etc. We put ours on our kitchen table so we would see it everyday and it’s been really special sitting down at the table everyday (3 times a day) and saying our Bible verse together! Shiloh loves it and can actually say parts of it by herself already! It makes me happy everytime we say it together!

Five. Baths

I made a goal at the beginning of the year to take a bath at least one night a week…and it has been SO NICE! Not gonna lie there are definitely nights where I don’t necessarily want to because I think I should be productive or I want to watch a show haha but every time I force myself to do it…I’m always so glad I do. I use my equilibria bath salts, read a fiction book, put a face mask on…and it’s so relaxing! Even if I’m only in there for 15 minutes!



What are simple things making you happy right now? I want to encourage you guys to try and be conscious of finding these little moments throughout your day, pausing, and saying thank you. It’s truly helped brighten my every day!

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Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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