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Beauty 3 years ago

lux unfiltered self tanner review



A few weeks ago I shared with you guys that I’d be trying out the Lux Unfiltered self tanning products and share my feedback. I was actually blown away by how many of you guys responded and either said you’d been using these products and LOVE…and then another chunk of you guys who said you were interested in learning more! You guys know how much I love self tanner haha and how particular I am about it. So today I want to share my honest review of the Lux Unfiltered self tanning products – why I chose these products, what I like about them, what I don’t like about them, when to apply, how to use them and more!

FIRST I’ll chat about what drew me to these self tanning products in the first place (since there are countless self tanners on the market).

Why I decided to try Lux Unfiltered Self Tanner

First of all the packaging is just beautiful haha and y’all know I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. But I was also interested in trying out specifically the self tanning cream and the face drops because it’s rare to find a ‘clean’ self tanner. All Lux Unfiltered products are non-toxic, vegan, & cruelty-free – so yes, these self tanning products are clean and not harmful to your skin!

Overall thoughts

SO after using all 4 of the products (self tanning cream, face drops, lotion, and exfoliator)…here are my thoughts! I LOVE THEM.


Pros + What I like about the Lux Unfiltered Self-Tanning Cream

First let’s chat about the self-tanning cream. It doesn’t smell or feel like a self tanner in any form or fashion. It has a very light + fresh + clean smell – almost like lemons? Zero self-tanner smell whatsoever. When you apply it, your skin instantly feels more hydrated and soft. I love that this moisturizes your skin and gives it a glow at the same time. Some other self tanners I like make me tan, but my skin still looks and feels dry which isn’t a good look haha. The self tanning cream has shea butter, cocoa butter, and passion fruit oil in it so your skin will not only look more tan but also dewy and hydrated!

Furthermore, I also like that the self-tanning cream is so easy to apply – just like using a regular lotion. You don’t have to worry about a mit or looking streaky / patchy. It goes on really evenly and it doesn’t have to be a time consuming process.


Another reason I like the Lux Unfiltered self-tanning cream is that it gives a very natural tan. Again, your tan won’t look streaky or orange or too dark. It looks like you’ve just been at the beach for a few days and have a pretty bronzed glow. It’s definitely the most natural-looking self tanner I’ve ever used. It’s a very ‘gradual’ tan…so if you apply in the morning, I think you’ll notice more color as the day goes on. I personally like to apply the cream a few days in a row to get my desired “tan” result! [More on how I apply below].

n addition to the ease of application, I also like that this self-tanning cream doesn’t rub off on your clothes or sheets at all. I’ve applied mine at night and then gotten in bed maybe 15 minutes later (on white sheets) and nothing will transfer to your clothes or sheets! Even when I workout and sweat, this Lux Unfiltered self tanning cream doesn’t streak or rub off on clothes!


Lux Unfiltered Face Drops

Okay now the true star of the show: the face drops! I have tried probably 5 different ‘face drops’ or self tanners for the face and these Lux Unfiltered face drops are hands down the best I have ever used. My face is alot more pale than the rest of my body because I always have SPF 50 on my face and even in the summer, I’m always wearing a hat outside / protecting my face from the sun, SO without makeup I look a little weird because my face is pale haha.

These self tanning face drops are SO good though because they give your face the most natural healthy bronzed glow! Other drops I’ve used on my face don’t go on really evenly so I end up with weird lines by my hair or above my eyes. The Lux Unfiltered face drops go on so evenly and they are also very customizable – the more drops you do, the darker your tan will be. The drops also have hyaluronic acid in them and vitamin E so your skin will feel refreshed and hydrated. I also have pretty sensitive skin and these did not make me break out or give me any adverse reaction at all!

Are there any cons to using this self tanner?

I can’t really say I have any cons for these products, because I clearly love them haha. Just a few things to note though!

  1. The self tanning cream will give you a very gradual, natural tan. So, if you’re looking for a self tanner that’s going to make you like WHOA SHE IS TAN….this might not be the cream for you haha.
  2. Since the self tanning cream is very natural / gradual…I personally like to apply it a few mornings in a row to get my desired level of tan. So I think one downside to this product is the price. Typically the Lux Unfiltered self tanning products range between $30 to $50 dollars. I bet I will go through a bottle of the self tanning cream in a month, and it’s not very cheap. You definitely don’t have to apply everyday in order to notice results but…since my skin is naturally somewhat tan, I like to apply more often to get a deeper tan.
  3.  Make sure to wash your hands after using the cream or the drops – this isn’t necessarily a downside, just something to note. If you skip the hand washing, your hands will definitely be a weird color haha. Wash hands with soap and water after applying the cream or the drops.


How I apply my Lux Unfiltered products

The Face Drops

I apply the face drops 2-3x a week as the last step of my morning (or evening) skincare routine. You are technically supposed to just mix in a few drops with your moisturizer and apply to your face. I just apply them after my moisturizer and make sure to blend in really well. I personally do probably 4-5 drops because my skin is already naturally kind of tan. Even if you are using 4-5 drops, this bottle will last you a very long time!

Self-tanning cream [+ exfoliator & lotion]

[Day 1]: Before applying the self-tanning cream…I use either my necessaire exfoliator or the lux unfiltered exfoliator in the shower. This helps the self tanner to go on clean skin very smoothly + evenly. [PS – I won’t do a whole detailed review of the lux unfiltered exfoliator but I am a big fan of it. It exfoliates your skin but leaves it feeling silky smooth]. After getting out of the shower and drying off, I apply the self-tanning cream to my body in small circular motions. Then I let it dry for maybe 5 minutes before getting dressed! [Make sure to wash your hands after applying].

The next day [Day 2, and usually day 3], I’ll usually apply the self-tanning cream again in the mornings to reach my desired level of “tan-ness”.


Every night I’ve been using the Lux Unfiltered body cream before I get into bed and LOVE this lotion SO much! My skin has been so dry this winter so when I get in bed, a lot of times i am restless in bed because my skin is itchy! This body cream feels SO luxurious and there’s truly no better feeling than crawling into bed with clean sheets ad hydrated skin. The lotion doesn’t make your skin sticky or greasy, and the scent is very light and clean. The Lux Unfiltered site describes it best: “The body cream is loaded with jojoba oil, squalene, shea butter, Vitamin C, & hyaluronic acid to give your skin all the hydration it needs daily.”  This lotion will also help extend the life of your tan!

After about 5 days…I will start the process all over again! Exfoliate, self tanning cream [usually 2-3 mornings in a row], body lotion at night!


If you’ve been on the fence about these products…hopefully this post helps make your decision a little bit easier! BTW – not that this changes my words or opinions at all but this post is not sponsored at all haha. Just tried out the products myself and thought you guys might enjoy a review!

Have any of y’all tried Lux Unfiltered yet? Comment below and let me know your thoughts! Thanks for reading!

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xo Lauren

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