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Fashion 3 years ago

10 random things i'm loving


Happy Friday friends! idk about you guys but I feel READY for the weekend! This week has been very go-go-go and I’m definitely feeling a need to take a break from my phone and just relax and be with family!

I have lots of new things to share with you guys for my 10 things post today! [In case you’re new here, about once a month I round up 10 random things I’m loving for you guys!]


1. This black dress !! Price point is definitely more of a splurge than what I usually spend on a black dress but…I love it SO much and the quality is amazing. I bought it 2 weeks ago and I’ve actually already worn it to 3 different events haha. It’s one of those dresses you will reach for over and over again because it’s easy, simple, feminine, flattering, and so versatile! I also love that it has pockets!

2. Essential oils. Ever since we’ve moved into our new house, I have been determined to make this place as homey and cozy and peaceful as possible. I got this diffuser as a bday present and have been diffusing essential oils in my office almost everyday! I buy Young Living essential oils and have been diffusing some blend of valor, clarity, and/or peppermint everyday in my office! It really does help me focus and just kind of calms my mind! (Slash also smells amazing haha).

3. Silk lunya pajamas – I know, I have raved about these 100 times on my stories haha because they really are THAT good. They are silk pajamas but they are washable! The material feels so luxurious that after I bought one pair…I wanted 4 more so i could legit only sleep in lunya pajamas every single night haha. They are pricy but worth every penny IMO. They also gave me a discount code for y’all! You can use code GIFT-LAURENK20 for $20 off!


4. Karen Walker sunglasses – I saw these sunglasses on shopbop’s website and instantly fell in love. I love the bold tortoise color and the retro shape. They are really different than any other pair of sunglasses I own and I love what a statement they make!

5. Yoga sculpt @ corepoweryoga  – When Michael and I lived in Boulder, we were both members at Corepower Yoga and LOVED it – specifically the ‘sculpt’ class. I recently rejoined CPY and y’aaaalllll….i can’t even put into words how much I love it haha. It’s honestly made it hard for me to want to do any other workout because this class gives me so much LIFE. It is definitely a full body burn and my muscles feel WOREKD by the end. But it’s also so life-giving and grounding at the same time! I love that it incorporates strength training, cardio, flexibility, and mindfulness all in one workout! I am hooked! I also have the membership that allows you to do classes at home so I’ve been doing a mix of in studio and at home classes!

6. Patrick Ta makeup  – I’ve recently started following more makeup artists on IG and have seen so many of them rave about patrick ta makeup so I bought a few things based on their recs and wow I have loved every single thing i’ve tried so far haha. This makeup feels so luxurious and is such great quality and I love the glowy results it gives. I’ve specifically been loving his lip glosses and the cream bronzer duo. You can use code LAURENKAY for a discount!


7. My ember mug – Michael got me an ember mug for Christmas several years ago but I kind of stopped using it after I had Shiloh because I needed something with a lid [when you are holding a newborn 24/7, a lid is necessary haha]. Anyway, I recently went back to the ember mug and I am OBSESSED slash never want to drink my coffee out of anything else. If you’re not familiar with the ember mug – its like a smart mug that keeps your coffee hot…for forever haha literally. You control the temperature with your phone so even if it takes you 2hrs to drink your cup of coffee…it will be hot to the very last drop!

8. Ole Henriksen banana bright eye cream – this has become my go-to eye cream for during the day, to wear underneath makeup. I still have / use / love the sunday riley auto correct eye cream at night and I think like LONG TERM it’s more effective, if that makes sense. But this one by ole henriksen, I love to wear under makeup because it actually instantly brightens underneath your eyes! It’s also super hydrating so I love to wear it underneath under eye concealer for a very brightening effect!

9. Our new neighborhood! We’ve been in the new house for about 3 weeks now I think and I love our new hood so much! All of our neighbors have been SO incredibly kind and I LOVE going for walks in this neighborhood! It is massive so I feel like I could walk for miles and still not see the whole thing haha and the trees are big and it’s hilly and just…perfect. I’m so thankful to live where we live!

10. This Naked Mind– I have shared on my instagram that I’ve been on a journey in the past few months with alcohol. Evaluating why I drink, questioning our society’s obsession with alcohol, etc. I just finished reading this naked mind and thought it was very informative on what alcohol actually is, how it really affects us…and what do I want to do about it, you know? It’s definitely made me stop and think and dig deep on this topic and i’m really thankful for that!

Thanks for reading friends! Hope you all have the best weekend!

xo Lauren

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