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Fashion 2 months ago

LAGOS rose gold apple watch bracelet + my matcha order


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I wear my apple watch every single day. But, I’ve always kind of hated wearing my sport band with a more dressed up look. I have now found the most beautiful solution to that problem with this new rose gold LAGOS apple watch bracelet that’s launching tomorrow!


This is actually the first fine jewelry bracelet for the apple watch and I can’t get over how beautiful it is. I’ve been wearing it for the past few weeks and have gotten several DM’s from y’all asking for details on it! I love how the rose gold kind of softens the sporty look of the apple watch. You guys know I love to workout, so I wear my apple watch literally 24/7 (unless I’m sleeping)…but I always hate how the silicone band looks with a dress or a more dressed up / feminine look. This bracelet from LAGOS looks so amazing whether you are getting super dressed up for a wedding, wearing an everyday casual sundress like I am here, or even just wearing jeans and a tshirt! The bracelet is available for the 38mm or 42mm apple watch!

This apple watch bracelet is definitely an investment but it’s something that will last you forever. It’s made from 18k rose gold and stainless steel so, even though it seems like a lot of money to drop on an apple watch accessory…think of it like investing in fine jewelry, because that’s what this is! And my apple watch is something I have on 24/7, so it made sense to me to invest in a piece of jewelry that I’d want to wear everyday with it!


Also wanted to do a little matcha rundown for you guys, since we shot these pics at La La Land which has one of my favorite matcha lattes in dallas! I think matcha is kind of a ‘you love it or you hate it’ type of drink. TBH, I used to hate it! I thought it tasted like grass the first time I drank it. BUT, I do think it’s kind of an acquired taste (I also hated coffee the first time I drank it) AND I think it depends on how you order it! I’ve now fallen in LOVE with matcha over the past year and have a matcha latte every single day – either at home or at a coffee shop! Today I wanted to share how I order one when I’m out and about!

One of the reasons I’ve fallen in love with matcha is because of the health benefits! When I drink coffee in the mornings – i like the taste and the fact that it wakes me up. But. It’s not necessarily benefitting my mind / body from a physiological standpoint haha. I love that matcha tastes amazing, gives you energy, and also does awesome things for your body. If you get good, quality matcha…it can help improve your gut health + digestion, gives you glowing skin, helps you focus, it can help regulate stress levels AND gives you sustained energy. Just a few of the benefits & why I love it so much!

So if I’m at starbucks (not necessarily my favorite matcha) I will order my matcha like this:

Iced grande green tee latte with 2 scoops of matcha (usually comes with 3, and their matcha actually has a decent amount of sugar added to it. so I get 2), with almond milk, 1 pump sugar free vanilla syrup.

At any other coffee shop I’ll usually order their matcha latte with oat milk and sweeten it with just a tiny bit of honey or maple syrup! It’s so creamy and yummy and now I’m craving one as I write this post lol.

As far as how I make my matcha at home, I have a matcha highlight on my instagram profile so you can find all of those details in that highlight!







What do y’all think about the smart caviar bracelet? Yay or nay? It is even more stunning in person and I thought y’all would love it as much as I do!

Thanks for reading!

This post was created in collaboration with LAGOS. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!


xo Lauren

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