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Fashion 2 years ago

Louis Vuitton Bumbag Review


A little over a month ago I added a new bag to my collection that has quickly become possibly my #1 favorite designer bag I own: the all black Louis Vuitton bumbag. I’d had my eye on this bag in the brown version for a few years but never pulled the trigger because it didn’t really feel like ME. And then one day I saw the all black version on pinterest and thought it looked a little edgier + cooler than the brown version, bought it, and never looked back! Today I wanted to review the bag for you guys and share why I love it so much + why it’s been such a great purchase for me.


Where to buy

I actually bought mine used from fashionphile’s website. I don’t think they have any in stock right now but keep checking! It tends to come on their site every now and then, and then sells quickly. I have bought 95% of my designer bags previously owned and have had a GREAT experience buying that way! I also found the bag available on eBay right now (and have had great experience with designer products from eBay as well).

How much it holds

This bag doesn’t look big but it is SURPRISINGLY roomy. I carry my sunglasses, wallet, gum, phone and a few lipglosses and it still has room to spare. It carries more than enough for your everyday basics (and I have the iPhone 12 pro max btw which is the biggest one!).



How to style it

This bag is called the ‘bumbag’ so you can technically wear it around your waist (like a true fanny pack) OR  across your body like I’m wearing it in these photos (which is my preferred way to wear it). You can also just carry it on your shoulder. But, I am so obsessed with this bag because you can be totally hands free. I wear it across my body and can still chase after / pick up my toddler, while carrying all of my stuff at the same time.

Another reason I love this bag so much is how versatile it is. I love wearing it with a chic date night type outfit like I’m wearing here, but in Montana I wore it with workout clothes, a dress, leggings, sweatpants, etc! It somehow magically looks perfect with both jeans OR workout clothes. And it also instantly elevates ANY outfit! I love that this bag is insanely practical (allows you to be hands free and it holds a decent amount of stuff) but looks SO chic + cool all at the same time.



similar looks for less

Linking a few other ‘bumbags’ I love below for a less expensive price point!




more looks with my bumbag

you can click any of the images below to shop my looks in the app!










This is definitely an investment bag but as you can see in this post, you will MORE than get your use out of it! There are so many ways you can style it and because it’s Louis Vuitton, you know the quality is incredible and will last you the rest of your life! The leather is sturdy and doesn’t scratch easily. If you’ve been on the fence as to whether or not you should buy the louis vuitton bumbag, it is 100% worth it IMO!

Let me know if you have any other questions I can answer about the bag in the comments below!

xo Lauren

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